Wedding with kids in Venice: capturing family feelings

This Dutch couple’s little daughters turned a wedding photo service into a lively family party!

As a wedding photographer I spend a lot of time with couples in special moments of their story, which is definitely exciting.

Things get even more touching when couples are accompanied by their children: the session usually turns into a much more dynamic, tender and playful family portrait.

make-up of kids during wedding photo service in Venice
The couple’s daughters got their hairdo and make-up done while the bride and groom were getting ready

A Dutch couple contacted me for their civil wedding ceremony in Venice and I had the honor to portray the family’s whole day, so full of surprises and enthusiasm.

bride groom and kids walk during wedding photo session in Venice
The kids escorted their parents on their way to Palazzo Cavalli, Venice’s venue for civil weddings

It was the two little daughters that changed everything and made it magic and moving: they had a proper dressing-up just like the bride and the groom, getting the hairdo and make-up done by the make-up artist Stefania Bon. Then, looking like two angels in their elegant bridesmaid gowns, they escorted their parents to Palazzo Cavalli (Venice’s venue for civil ceremonies) running along the alleys or sitting for a while on a gondola.

bride and groom kiss during wedding photo service in Venice with children
During the ceremony the kids worked as sweet bridesmaids …ensuring tender family portraits!
bride with kids during wedding photo service in Venice
Once the ceremony was over, the whole family relaxed and left their joy flow spontaneously, running freely in San Marco Square

During the ceremony they worked as the most tender bridesmaids ever: sitting patiently next to their parents, almost “decorating” my wedding photographs.

bride and groom kiss during wedding photo session with children
Once the ceremony was over I captured the couple’s passionate feelings in some romantic couple portraits along the streets of Venice.

Once the ceremony was over, the entire family relaxed and their joy flew spontaneous in their gestures and expressions: parents and kids run together across Piazza San Marco, laughed , enjoyed a water taxi ride on the lagoon and had lantern fly in the sky as a message for the bride’s father.

bride and groom kiss on watertaxi during wedding photo session in Venice
The couple also enjoyed some romantic portraits all by themselves.

Nevertheless, the couple enjoyed several romantic moments all for themselves which gave me the chance to make some romantic couple portraits: they kiss and hug on bridges and typical Venetian terraces, sat on docks and rest in a café drinking wine …but they shared their love and joy with the rest of the family immediately afterwards.

At the end of the day I had passionate couple photographs and lively, sweet family portraits in my camera…which ones do you prefer?

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