“Cherish-the-dress” photographs in Venice: new life for the bridal gown


couple hugging during wedding photo service in Venice
This couple made the most of their honeymoon in Venice to wear their wedding outfits once again during a cherish-the-dress photo session

Bridal gowns are very precious things: they often cost a fortune and are made with precious materials; and even when they are very simple or inherited , they are made precious by the feelings the bride has attached to them: expectation, joy, tenderness, sweet memories…

That is why ever more brides feel it would be too bad only wear their bridal gowns only once and like to be captured again in high quality photographs with their wedding dresses.

couple crossoing San Marco Square during cherish the dress photo service in Venice
The photo service started with the couple crossing San Marco Square  in a  very relaxed and lively mood!

This was the case of a couple that lately contacted me for a “cherish-the-dress” photo service: they wanted to make the most of a short holiday in Venice and get romantic couple portraits wearing their wedding outfits once again.

The couple enjoyed a nice walk in some of Venice’s most famous spots, such as San Marco Square. They looked relaxed, overwhelmed by passion and joy, with no trace of the tension which is so common during the wedding day. They even felt at ease enough to run across the square or make jokes to one another.

bride portrayal in Venice
The couple stopped in some romantic spots so that I could capture their passion with nice Venetian backgrounds

A water taxi then drove us across the lagoon and the couple was captured in some romantic portraits with the background of San Marco square or San Giorgio island. The water taxi stopped in some romantic spots in the lagoon so that they could enjoy some privacy and get intense couple photographs.

bride portrait during cherish the dress photo session in Venice
At the end of the photo session the bride was overjoyed to have used her bridal gown once again

The photo session ended up with a gondola tour so that the couple could relax and enjoy the view of Venice at sunset …and I could capture their passionate feelings and spontaneous, confident happiness with the background of the Canal Grande.

At the end of the day, the bride’s wedding dress was still in great shape and the bride was overjoyed to have used it again for such a special experience.

couple kissing in a gondola during wedding photo service in Venice
The photo service ended with a few romantic couple portraits on a gondola

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