Sunrise romance in Venice: capturing the pink side of love

couple hugging in fromt of lagoon during couple portrait in Venice
This  couple enjoyed the nice experience of couple Venice at sunrise.

Apart from being an ideal background for a couple’s unique events such as weddings, honeymoons and engagements, Venice is a perfect location for capturing a couple’s passion and joy in common days as well.

Any season of the year is suitable to get high-quality romantic photography, but many  appreciate the chance to experience a couple photo session at sunrise.

couple kissing in San Marco Square during couple portrait in Vencie at sunrise
This couple enjoyed perfect privacy due to the peaceful atmosphere of an empty San Marco Square at sunrise.

This was the case of a couple that lately took the occasion of a short holiday in Venice to enjoy a couple photo service in late spring. They first strolled in Piazza San Marco and were photographed in the peaceful atmosphere of early Venetian mornings, almost “bathing” in the enchanting, soft sunrise light.

couple kissing during couple photo session in Venice at sunrise
This place is typically off-limits during the day as it is needed for the gondolas and their crew. In the early morning it is an amazing stage.

A water taxi ride gave them the chance to enjoy the view of the lagoon and be captured in romantic photographs with the background of the Canal Grande and San Giorgio Island.

couple on Danieli hotel's staircase during couple photo portrait in Venice
The couple was photographed in the Danieli hotel’s luxurious and enchanting indoor areas

Then they returned to the Danieli hotel and were photographed in some of the halls of this ancient and luxurious hotel which hosted many past celebrities and present VIPs. The hotel’s magnificent staircase, the comfortable café, the beautiful balconies were all perfect spots to get some more intense couple portraits, full of love and happiness.

couple sitting at Hotel Danieli during couple photo session in Venice
Danieli hotel’s splendid café was also a perfect place for some more couple portraits

After such a splendid beginning the couple could not but enjoy a great day in Venice!

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