Capturing a lifetime passion: vows renewal photographs in Venice

couple performing vows renewal during photo service in Venice
This long-married couple chose a very intimate yet intense ceremony to do their vows renewal in Venice

“Will you still need me when I’m sixty-four?”: as the Beatles well understood, this is an important question for most people in love. They want to be sure their happiness will last forever, not only during the golden age of youth or the sweet days of honeymoon.

Therefore, while it is definitely pleasant to capture the blossoming passion of a couple during  engagements, weddings or honeymoons, things get much more touching (and even encouraging) when long-time married couples are the main subject of couple portraits.

couple kising during vows renewal photo session in Venice
The same passion of first dates, this time with adult daughters nearby.

This was the case of an American couple who decided to celebrate their vow renewal in Venice after 35 years of a happy and fruitful marriage. The couple’s deep feelings and mutual understanding was clear in all their gestures and glances and they were indeed accompanied by two lovely daughters, happy to share an important moment in their parents’ life.

The family’s harmony and the couple’s love could be noticed in all the moments of this special day. They had chosen for themselves a very simple ceremony which was made intense by their passionate glances and moving expressions and enhanced by Venice as background.

girls posing next to lagoon during vows renewal photo service in Venice
The couple was accompanied by their two daughters which gave the chance to make some nice family portraits

Then they treated themselves with a water taxi’s ride along Canal Grande and stopped at the Accademia Bridge to leave their love lock and get a few more family portraits with the background of Venice. Parents and daughters looked more relaxed and their joy flew spontaneously in all their gestures and looks.

couple hugging during vows renewal photo session in Venice
The couple went to the Academia bridge to place their love lock

Then, as the sky was turning pink at sunset, they were driven to the Giudecca island to enjoy a gorgeous view of the Venetian lagoon and a nice dinner at Harry’s dolci restaurant.

Stress definitely was over and the whole family enjoyed chatting and joking with one another and being captured in with the fading light of sunset.

These photographs will forever work as souvenir of a special day and as a wonderful example of long-lasting love for all the to-be-married couples!

couple and daughters posing at Giudecca Island during vows renewal photo session in Venice
At San Giudecca island they were captured in some intense family portraits at sunset

The whole family was driven to Giudecca island where they could enjoy some more couple and family portraits and a nice dinner.

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