Venetian bridges: the less famous (yet very interesting) ones

couple hugging on a bridge during a couple photo portrait in Venice
Bridges offer a photographer the chance to make creative photographs when shooting couple portraits in Venice

As already said in a previous post, Venice hosts  435 bridges linking 121 islands: about 300 stone bridges, 60 iron bridges and 57 timber bridges.

Let us introduce a few of them.

couple hugging on an iron bridge during a honeymoon photo service in Venice
Venice hosts 300 stone bridges, 60 iron bridges and 57 timber bridges.

Beside the most famous ones (such as the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto), the Calatrava bridge and the Sighs Bridge) Venice has many less known , yet interesting, bridges which are definitely worth a mention: Ponte dei Giocattoli (Toys Bridge) which was once located near a toy shop not far from the Rialto Bridge; Ponte delle Tette (Bridge of the Tits) in the San Polo district, where prostitutes used to stand with naked breasts to entice clients; Ponte dei Pugni (Bridge of the Fists) near San Barnaba square, where inhabitants of bordering Venetian districts used to compete in fists fights trying to throw the opponents into the channel below; the Ponte del Diavolo (Devil Bridge, on Torcello island) and the Ponte Chiodo (Nail Bridge in the Cannaregio district) which are the only two Venetian bridges without rail.

girl looking at a bridge during a steampunk photo shooting in Venice
Bridges are the most famous architectural elements in Venice and can be used as nice background for photo portrais
couple standing on a bridge during a vow renewal photo shooting in Venice
Less famous bridges allow a photographer to take very nice couple shots during wedding or vow renewal photo services in Venice

Besides, Venice has plenty of less known enchanting small bridges linking alleys and channel sides. They are definitely of great help during my photo shootings in Venice when I have the couples hiring me as an engagement, wedding or honeymoon photographer standing or sitting on the bridges kissing or hugging.

couple hugging on a bridge during an engagement photo service
While shooting a couple on a bridge, the photographer can portray the flow of people walking in Venice

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