Bridges in Venice: with or without love padlocks?

Russian couple throwing padlock keys in the channel during a wedding photo service in Venice
A young Russian couple lately hired me as their wedding photographer. Once the Orthodox ceremony was over, I shot some photographs of the couple walking in Venice and locking a padlock on a bridge.

A recent trend all over Europe has couples affixing padlocks on bridges as a symbol for their ever-lasting love. In Italy this habit was influenced by Federico Moccia’s novel “I want you” which has two young lovers fixing a padlock on the Milvio Bridge in Rome and throwing the key in the Tiber.

Russian couple holding a love padlock during their wedding photo shooting in Venice
This couple that chose me as their wedding photographer in Venice had a love padlock with their names carved on it.

This trend quickly spread all over the country: Ponte Vecchio in Florence and the Rialto Bridge in Venice are just two of the many Italian monuments which ended up fully covered by padlocks.

Russian couple locking a love padlock on a bridge during a photo walking tour in Venice
They locked their love padlock on an iron bridge during their photo walk in Venice.

This habit is well known abroad and involve many bridges. Beside, people from all over the world fix their love padlocks on bridges when they are visiting highly romantic cities like Paris or Venice. Just like the young and lovely Russian couple that hired me as a wedding photographer to shoot their orthodox wedding in Venice. They even had a lock with their names carved on it and, once the wedding ceremony was over, they locked it on an iron bridge and threw the key on the channel below.

Russian couple holding padlock keys during a photo walk in Venice
The couple waited a bit on the bridge before throwing the keys in the channel during their photo walk in Venice

I was delighted to shoot such a nice and passionate scene. Unfortunately I lately heard that some Venetian citizens who did not appreciate the sight of so many locks on the bridges removed about one quintal of locks …let’s hope my clients’ lock is not among them !

What about you? Do you prefer Venetian bridges with or without padlocks?

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