Pre-wedding photography  includes photo services carried out before the wedding taking place, when the couple enjoys a photo session at special times or in a special setting.

This trend is especially appreciated by the couples who choose to hold their wedding abroad. While enjoying a tour in famous cities or enchanting environments they take the chance to have a few shots of highly  romantic moments. 

Here is my favourite pre-weeding photo session:

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I experienced several young couples preferring a destination wedding to traditional wedding: they get married in an “exotic” context, far away from home, sometimes with just a few guests.

The photographs shot in this cases have a more private, intimate flavor, and a special charm due to the “exotic” surroundings.

Venice is a top destination for destination weddings due to its highly romantic atmosphere and I enjoyed several casual photo sessions with brides and bridegrooms coming from different nations.

In my website you can see some of my pictures of couples choosing Venice for their destination wedding……will your wedding be my next destination?

Couple cinemagraph

Finally I found some time to practice in a second attempt with the technique called Cinemgraph.

The originating video was taken in Venice while making  a portrait session for this couple.


couple portrait and video



portraits of a couple

A couple of Sundays, a day were clouds and rain were taking the largest share of the sky we have been very luck to have in the few hours of a portrait session a broad range of conditions, from scenic lightings given by cloudy sky trough narrow openings between buildings sunshine.

More photographs of this couple in Venice

photographer Venice

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