An informal photo walk in Venice: exploring, shopping, playing

Venice offers thousands nice photo settings even in its less common areas, which might be used as background for beautiful couple photo portraits

When I am hired as a professional photographer for couple portraits in Venice, I usually propose my clients an informal photo walking tour in Venice. This gives them the chance to explore the city’s thousands alleys along small channels, its numerous bridges and hidden arcades, getting to know Venetian people’s daily life.

Exploring fruit markets might add flavour to a couple photo shooting in Venice

Olga and Dimitry, a young Russian couple, accepted the challenge and enjoyed their photo walking session in Venice very much: while heading for Ponte di Rialto and San Marco Square, we stopped in many less famous areas, exploring fruit and vegetables markets, visiting shops of postcards and Venetian traditional masks, and posing for a romantic kiss on a hidden bridge.

Russian couple visiting a masks shop during their photo walking tour in Venice
Visiting traditional masks shops might also be part of a couple photo portrait in Venice

In order to get more dynamic and original shots of this young and nice couple I even had them jump or play-act a bit. Indeed, it was a very pleasant and exciting photo walking session for the couple and the photographer as well!

Olga and Dimitry jumping during their informal photo walk in Venice
To get more dynamic and original photos I also had the couple jump during their photo walking tour in Venice
Olga and Dimitry play-acting during their couple photo portrait in Venice
Olga and Dimitry helped me shooting funny couple portraits by play-acting a bit.

For further examples of photo portraits in Venice see my website.

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