portraits of a couple

A couple of Sundays, a day were clouds and rain were taking the largest share of the sky we have been very luck to have in the few hours of a portrait session a broad range of conditions, from scenic lightings given by cloudy sky trough narrow openings between buildings sunshine.

More photographs of this couple in Venice

photographer Venice

Venice Cinemagraph of an artist

Last week I was working with a lovely couple around the city ( images to follow soon) we walked around durign the morning and said goodbye to meet again for sunset, as soon as we left I almost stumbled upon this your artist making a drawing.

It was an excellent view for experimenting with a technique of images with subtle motion:

portrait in Venice
Cinemagraph Venice


Slideshow from Venice

In this slideshow I presented a selection of images made from dawn to sunset in Venice.

A few concern the day and other the night with fireworks.


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