Wedding planner for a surprise proposal in Venice

Ideas for planning a surprise proposal in Venice

As a photographer I’m regularly involved in some planning for surprise proposals, but beside the basic aspect and those that require the expertise of a professional (best location and timing for the light) quite often clients have ideas that require a team rather than an individual, in this post I try to talk about these situation and to give ideas. Then once we get in touch it will be easier to define the best scenario.

The planning I’d do as a photographer

We would definitely talk about the location and the light/timing that would be perfect both for the quality of the images and for the atmosphere of the moment. I will arrange that we either meet before or you who where to go and we will consider transportation like a gondola or a water taxi. Even the aftermath of the proposal is something I can help with, we will have a photo walk for the engagement session and we may end in a place that makes sense for your plans ( restaurant, theatre, your hotel…).
But this is mostly all I would offer as part of my services ( well I’ll be happy to endorse a good wedding planner for the rest).
Here there are some galleries with images of surprise proposals in Venice

What a wedding planner can do for a surprise proposal:

In short I’d summarize with: add magic and remove worries. Going into more details I’ll show some concrete examples.

Location: while Venice is very rich and while your hotel may be a perfect place (some have incredibly nice private gardens) if you prefer to propose in a specific palace or private area a planner may be the person able to help.

Musicians: A violinist? or do you prefer the sound of a guitar or maybe an harp. It will be good to have somebody contacting and coordinating different persons.

Flowers: this can be arranged so that your favourite flowers are waiting for you or that you receive them right after. But somebody is going to get and deliver your floral arrangement.

Boats: Gondolas, a water taxi they will be arranged to be where and when you need them to be.

And ok, photography and video for your proposal are anther key ingredient to be able to share the images with others.

Should you hire a proposal planner for your surprise proposal in Venice?

Well I have a clear position on this and that’s: it depends. If you see your proposal as a very intimate moment just the photographer will be enough to capture this magic, Venice is going to help us.

But if you plan a proposal with fireworks (even literally) and you see yourself proposing with rose petals below you flowers around and violin music played live then most definitely a planner will make your vision come true.

We can talk about your proposal, a first contact via whatsapp or email will be perfect.

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