Venice Guided tour and photosession

The idea that hiring a photographer and a licensed tour guide in Venice at the same time could be a good one came to me last week when I was talking with a couple that has only a short time during their cruise in Venice and wanted both services. Here I realized that a Venice Guided Tour and Photo Session is the perfect way to see the city and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Venice guided tour: what to Expect

Only licensed professionals are allowed to offer this service, I’ll be very happy to put you in contact with one that I trust and that speaks your language of choice.
You will be then talking about your interests so that the itinerary and the presentation will be a good match.

What to Expect from the Photo Session

I’d coordinate with you and the guide so that the timing and the itinerary is very good for the photography as well (in Venice it will be so easy to find good itineraries that we don’t need to talk much). The results will be the same of the ones from an ordinary photosession, even without a guide most of the time is devoted to walking and pictures are created when the couple plays joyfully.

What are the benefits of the Venice Guided Tour and Photosession?

I’d say time efficiency, having plenty of free time you could spend time with your tour guide and have a photosession in a different moment; but if your travel schedule is already full then in the same time of one service you will have both the storytelling about Venice from the guide and images of you in very nice locations.

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