Civil wedding: tips of a professional photographer on how to get married in Venice with useful informations about the procedures, hotel and restaurant ideas, places for romantic pictures.

At first planning a civil wedding in Venice may seem to be intimidating, and after some consideration, well, it may definitely be intimidating. I’m trying to share a bit of my experience as a professional photographer in Venice in order to help couples that want to become a family here. I’ll talk briefly about the “paperwork” and then more about what I actually see in terms of timeline of the event, hotel and restaurants for the reception and places where to create wedding images.

Organising a civil wedding in Venice:
Palazzo Cavalli is the building of the city hall where most weddings are celebrated, this is their webpage in Italian with all the details for arranging a civil wedding and this is a page in English from the US consular service about getting married in Italy.
Probably availing of the service of a wedding planner may save a lot of work.

Ideas for a civil wedding in Venice: a photographer’s perspective:

Usually the storytelling start at the bride’s hotel with images or her make-up being finished and of the journey towards Palazzo Cavalli: walking or on a boat will anyway give many opportunities for nice images.
There relatives and guests will be waiting (or not if it is an elopement).
The actually wedding cerimony lasts around 25-30 minutes and then we would have time to move to the actual restaurant for celebrations and on the way we could realize amazing wedding portraits.

In differnt posts I’ll write more about hotels and restaurants.

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