Venice Carnival 2022: find your photographer

Despite the lingering of the pandemic made us very accustomed with the idea of wearing mask soon there will be an opportunity to wear completely different ones: the Venice Carnival 2022.

What to do during Venice carnival 2022

As photographer I get involved in many events but still I feel that taking about them is better done by the official organisers, the city of Venice maintains a very informative website about events in the upcoming carnival: following that link will let you learn more.

Among many I would outline one outstanding event to live the luxury atmosphere of the venetian carnival: Il ballo del doge held at palazzo Pisani Moretta.

Another artist I’d recommend to follow is a dancer / model / costume designer and event organiser that I feel incarnates very well the spirit of Venetian best years

Photosession in Venice after the costume party!

This is an idea, the masked party is going to be an unforgettable experience definitely worth being lived. Once you are in Venice with your amazing costumes a photosession will be an enjoyable way to experience the environment and to create visual memories that can be easily be shared with friends at home.
Here I write more about my services as Photographer for Venice Carnival.

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