From the pitch to the church: wedding reportage for a football player

wedding in Venice
wedding in Venice

Fabio and Michela met on the Venice stadium’s stands: he is a football player in the local football team and she is one of its passionate supporters.

bride and three bridesmaid during wedding photo service in Venice
The bride was accompanied by three bridesmaids wearing pink garments

Before getting married they decided to pose for a pre-wedding photo session inside the Venice stadium. I was hired to capture the couple where Cupid shot his arrow as well as during their wedding.

groom meeting bride in church in wedding photo reportage
MIchela met Fabio in the church after reaching the venue by motorboat and walking barefoot towards the altar

They got

married at the famous Redentore Church. After getting ready with the help of the make-up artist Stefania Bon, Michela in her white gown reached the venues by motorboat with his father and three pink-dressed bridesmaids.

photographs of pre-wedding photo services as wedding decorations
The photographs of the couple’s pre-wedding photo service were used as decoration at the banquet hall.


The inside of the church featured white and pink decorations: they worked as a nice background when she headed the altar walking barefoot on a synthetic grass carpet …that looked like a football pitch, indeed.

bride and groom hugging during wedding photo service
Before the banquet I made a short walk in Venice with the couple for a few romantic wedding portraits

Before the wedding banquet at Hotel Excelsior, I took the chance to make a few couple portraits in the alleys and squares of Venice.

The banquet was full of surprises: a mini football pitch with the couple’s photographs; music played by the saxophonist Thomas de Gobbi; the wedding cake appearing after a curtain fell down and a thousand soap bubbles were launched in the air; and, last but not least, firecrackers shining in the sky.

bride and groom kissing during wedding photo reportage
When the wedding cake was served, soap bubbles were launched in the air.

During the banquet I also managed to make a short walk on the nearby beach with the groom and the bride for a few more romantic couple photographs.

married couple watch firecrackers during wedding photo service
At the end of the wedding banquet the couple and their guests enjoyed the view of fireworks

An elegant and sweet wedding which I was honoured to capture.

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