E-session in the winter light of Venice: freezing a crucial time

Winter light is a great ally for romantic couple photographs in Venice

“The winter light in this city! […] As long as this city exists, as long as winter light shines upon it, Kodak shares are the best investment” J. Brodsky

Venice has a unique beauty in winter, which Joseph Brodsky described in poetic terms:

“The sky is brisk blue, the sun, escaping its golden likeness beneath the foot of San Giorgio, sashays over the […] lagoon’s lapping ripples; […] under the colonnades of the Palazzo Ducale, [someone is playing] just for you, slumped in your white chair and squinting at the pigeons’ maddening gambits on the chessboard of a vast piazza. The espresso at your cup’s bottom is the only small black dot in, you feel, a miles-long radius.”

couple hugging during e-session in Venice
The e-session began with some couple photographs after the man’s proposal: I captured their excitement and joy in Piazza San Marco.

This romantic atmosphere is especially suitable to portray couples in love, being it during engagement, wedding or honeymoon photo services. Light is a great ally for the photographer and the couples enjoy a much more intimate atmosphere than in high season.

couple kissing during e-session in Venice
I escorted the couple in the less known areas of Venice for some more romantic photo portraits

That was the case of a recent e-session. I captured the moment following the man’s wedding proposal, ‘freezing’ the couple’s excited happiness in Piazza San Marco.

couple walking in Rialto market during couple photo portrait in Venice
The couple was able to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere than in high season..and I took some intense photo portraits.

I escorted them in the less known areas of Venice and on a gondola tour for a few more romantic couple portraits, before leaving them privacy  to enjoy this unique time.

couple hugging shot from above during engagement session in Venice
During this engagement session we made  some romantic couple portraits in deserted areas of Venice.

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