Couple photo walk in Milan: not only fashion

Luca, photographer in Venice: Lovestory in Milan &emdash; lovestory photography Milan-008

A young  couple in Milan.

Beside enjoying the city’s famous fashion shopping attractions, they treated themselves with a photo walk to get high quality photographs as souvenirs of their romantic holidays.

The couple  walked holding hands, exploring the city’s most famous spots and stopping every now and then to hug, kiss or smile at each other. We visited the Duomo Square, stopped in front of the 20th Century Art Museum, explored the Sempione Park and the Sforza Castle, and di not miss a stop in a café.

The sunset was devoted to elegant Brera district and ended up walking along the waterways in the Navigli district.

romantic photograph of Russian couple hugging
During the photo walk I captured the couple’s strong feelings and tender expressions.

By following the couple in their visit, I could capture their spontaneous expressions of tender feelings. I had them pose in romantic spots, then let them enjoy their walk and worked as a hidden witness.

couple walking during photo walk in Milan
The photo walk was the chance for the couple to explore famous spots in Milan such as the Brera district.

The couple felt at ease and their love for each other spontaneously flowed in all their gestures. Some nice details (a bunch of yellow flowers, the lady’s light blue dress, the pink sky at sunset) added a colourful touch to these couple photographs.

couple resting in cafe' during photo walk in Milan
The couple rested for a while in a cafe’ and I made some more romantic couple photographs.

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