Wells in Venetian squares: nice ‘accessories’ for photo shootings

couple sitting on a well in Venice during steampunk photo reportage
This couple hired me for shooting a steampunk story in Venice and they had a photo portrait shot with a well on the background.


There are at least 600 wells in Venice: most of them can be seen in the middle of the squares while others are inside courtyards or gardens. The former were mostly public wells (even if they were often built thanks to the ‘sponsorship’ of rich families), the latter were private ones.


In most cases they were linked to an underground water tank where rainwater was channeled into after being filtered through sand. In other cases the wells got the water from the Brenta river, which was transported by ship.

couple kissing during vow renewal photo shooting in Venice
Wells can be found in public squares and private courtyatds in Venice and are nice accessories for couple photo portraits in wedding photo services.

The well’s section that can be seen from the outside is called “vera” in Venetian dialect and is the external element built around the well and protecting its upper part. It is made of stone, marble or metal. While strolling in Venice, you can still see a lot of them: some are very simple, others are richly decorated with reliefs representing plants, fruits, animals, birds, flowers, cherubs, shields of Venetian families, allegoric figures, moral instructions…

couple kissing while sitting on a well during a couple photo service in Vencie.
Many couples hiring me for a photo walk in Venice enjoyed posing next to a well.
couples in Carnival outfit sitting on a well during a photo walk in Venice
Wells are also a nice place to sit on for couples treating themselves with a photo portrait (even one in fancy costumes) in Venice!

During my photo walks for engagement, wedding or honeymoon photo services in Venice, I had the chance to shoot some wells as backgrounds for my photo portraits. Find yourself further examples in my photo galleries!

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