Getting married in Verona: where, when and how

bride shot during vow renewal photo service in Venice
Many couples from different countries choose Verona for their wedding, vow renewal, and love promise ceremonies.

Would you like to marry in Verona? Excellent choice: Romeo’s and Juliet’s city, with its old palaces, the famous Arena and numerous monuments is definitely a very romantic place, ideal for hosting destination weddings.

Where: the Verona City Council allows civil weddings to take places in the famous Juliet’s house, the  Del Cappelos’ ancient palace(this noble family is supposed to be the Shakespearean Capulets). Besides, you can get married in richly decorated halls within two ancient palaces and one monastery in Verona downtown or else in ancient villas in the neighborhood. The price for the venues is about 400-800 Euros for foreign citizens, depending on the venue. You can on-line form to reserve the venue.

bride and groom kissing in front of ancient villa during wedding photo reportage in Veneto
The Veneto region (where Verona is located) offers many ancient villas which can host wedding ceremonies or banquets.

When: you can get married at any time of the year, provided the venue is available. Weddings take place in different day of the week according to the venue you chose. Verona City Council also offers special promotions for couples choosing New Year’s Eve, the summer solstice and Valentine’s Day as their wedding day.

Asian couple standing during a pre-wedding photo shooting in Venice
italian cities of the Veneto region are especially popular among Asian couples for destination weddings and pre-wedding trips.

How: beside booking the hall for your wedding, you have to wait for the publication of the bans if you are an Italian citizens; if you are foreign, you have to submit a request to the Marriage Office with mention of the wedding date and a declaration of no hindrance to marriage at least two days before the ceremony.


At least 8 days before the wedding, you have to submit a marriage license issued by your country’s Consulate / Embassy in Italy after the Consul’s signature of the Consul has been authenticated at the Prefecture.

bride standing in a church during a pre-wedding photo service
Italian cities of the Veneto region host many ancient churches which are worth a visit before or after a destination wedding ceremony.

Beside civil weddings, Verona City Council allow you to celebrate anniversaries, love promises and blessing ceremonies with similar procedures and in the same venues.

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