Shooting a steampunk love story in Venice: a photo walk in fantasy outfits

couple photo portrait for a steampunk story staged in Venice
This Russian couple hired me as a portrait photographer to stage a steampunk story in Venice: they wore outfits combining Victorian-style garments with technological accessories.

Have you ever heard of steampunk fiction? It is a literary genre that flourished in the mid 20th century and includes works by H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld, and China Miéville. Steampunk stories combine a strong fascination with steam-powered technologies, backgrounds typical of the 19th British and American industrialized societies and futuristic traits.

Young lady in steampunk outfit during a photo walk in Venice
During our photo walk in Venice we strolled along the Rialto and Cannareggio districts to shoot the different chapters of the steampunk story.

Steampunk fiction also influenced music, home-décor, fashion and lifestyle. Today the steampunk movement is still very popular and its fans organize parties, concerts and festivals.

They wear steampunk outfits which combine clothes  typical of the Victorian era such as gowns, corsets, petticoats, bustles, top hats, spats and military-inspired garments with technological and fantasy accessories such as timepieces, parasols, flying  goggles, and ray guns.

Young men running at Rialto fish market during photo shooting in Venice
We used the fish market in the Rialto district as a setting for a chapter of the steampunk story during our photo shooting in Venice.

Nikita and Anna, a couple that hired me for an informal photo walking tour in Venice, decided to stage a steampunk love story in Venice starring themselves as main characters. They informed me in advance about the plot so that I could think about a suitable itinerary in Venice for our photo shooting in Venice: we started from Lista di Spagna and strolled in the Cannareggio (including the Ghetto area) and Rialto districts.

Young men shot during photo shooting in Venice of a steampunk story
During our photo walking tour we had the chance to visit some less known areas of Venice which fitted very well as settings for the steampunk story.

Their outfits were really gorgeous: Victorian-styled, colorful and elegant garments with technological accessories. This photo service in Venice gave them the chance to discover some less known Venetian areas and I could shoot several creative and colorful couple photographs.

young lady in steampunk outfit runs in a alley during photo portraits in Venice
Small alleys worked very well to stage some sections of the steampunk story during our photo walk in Venice.

For further examples of photo shootings and couple portraits in Venice see my website.

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