Photo portraits: are you a color or black-and-white type?


photo portray of a tv moderator Italy
Black-and-white photos get rid of the ‘noise’ of color and focus on the subject’s body shapes with a kind of ‘out of time’ flavour.

Photo portrayals are more than images: they are mirrors of a person’s distinctive physical characteristics, personality and feelings in a given situation.

Photo portrait of a tv moderator in Milan
The body’s and garment’s shades are used in color photography to mirror the subject’s look and personality.

By using different photographic techniques one can portray a person’s unique traits while meeting his or her own taste.





couple photo portrayal in pre-wedding photo service in Venice
Couple portrays can be made in both color and black-and-white techniques to let the couple chose the one they prefer.

Some people prefer colored photographs which use the subject’s own body and garments colors to represent his or her own style and beauty. The colors of the background and of other objects enrich the photographs of nice shades and details (think about photos at sunset or photographs at sunrise).

couple photograph in pre-wedding photo service in Venice
Color photographs work well as beautiful souvenirs for couples.

Black-and-white photographs, on the other hand, add a kind of ‘eternal’ flavor, as if the image was taken out of time. The ‘noise’ of the colors is not there and the focus is more on the subject’s physical traits (such as the face details or the body shapes) and the look of his or her eyes.

couple hugging on a bench during honeymoon photo service in Venice
Black-and-white couple photographs highlight the couple’s passion and look very intense.

It is sometimes amusing to photograph the same subject with both techniques and let him or her choose the preferred one… or perhaps both of them.

Russian couple sitting on a bench during honeymoon photo session in Venice
The colors of the background and details add a lively touch to couple portraits.

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