Photo portrait of a music trio: melodious photographs in Venice

singer and musicians posing for a photo portrait in Venice
This music trio posed for a photo portrait at sunrise in Venice.

On my way to a honeymoon photo service at sunset, I met by chance a music band entertaining the passer-byes. Two violinist players and a singer were performing music pieces making up a charming and melodious scene.

musician playing in photo portrayal in Venice at sunrise
In my photographs I captured both the music group and each girl’s distinctive traits

I decided to propose them a special photo session at sunrise to make some photo portraits of the girls in a peaceful atmosphere.

We met the day after before the day break and headed for Piazza San Marco for the photo shooting. We enjoyed a relaxed ambiance, a changing light with soft and colourful shades and the intimacy provided by the almost empty city.

This made the girls feel at ease, enough to run wildly in the square, dance and make funny or spontaneous poses. I took the chance to capture the trio as a whole with the girls interacting with each other.

girls running in Piazza San Marco in photo service at sunrise in Venice
Due to the intimate and peaceful atmosphere of Venice at day break, the girls felt free to run and make spontaneous poses which resulted in intense photo portraits

Then I shot some individual photo portrayals highlighting each girl’s distinctive traits and letting them freely express their own personality. The result is intense photographs which almost look like playing music themselves!

musician playing violin in photo service in Venice
I shot some photo portrayals of each girl with her instrument and the background of the Venetian lagoon.

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