Couple photographs for scholars: love to the second power!

couple kissing at Sunrise
couple kissing at Sunrise

As a wedding, engagement, and honeymoon photographer I meet different kinds of couples. When I met two young scholars for a photo walk in Venice I immediately had a the impression of refined, peaceful and intelligent persons making up a passionate and solid couple: their feelings looked as deep as their knowledge.

American couple running in San Marco Square during photo session in Venice
The couple enjoyed running freely in the empty San Marco Square for some informal couple photo portraits.

We met before sunrise so that I could photograph the couple in the empty San Marco Square, the background of the pink-tinged sky and the Venetian lagoon. The couple felt at ease enough to spontaneously kiss and hug in front of my camera and even run freely in the middle of the square.

American couple kissing with lagoon in couple photo service in Venice
During this couple photo session I made the most of the sunrise light and lagoon background to get romantic photo portraits.

We strolled in the nearby alleys and stopped to take some more couple photo portraits with the sun getting higher and city more lively.

We came across a graffiti wall: a kind of mathematic function showed how life can be happy living as a couple and sad without one’s love…an ideal background for a romantic couple photograph for scholars!

American couple hugging with graffiti wall for couple photo session in Venice
A graffiti wall was used as background for one of my couple photographs.

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