Couple photo services: 3 ways to wear a bridal gown..not on your wedding!

TPlaying with the bridal dress

Working as a wedding photographer I often come across gorgeous bridal gowns: being them simple or elegant, tailor-made in famous boutiques or inherited by mothers, they are in any case precious garments. Intense feelings and sweet memories are attached to the wedding dress: recollections of the wedding and the times the bride was waiting for it.

bride with bridal gown in wedding photo service near Venice
A bridal gown is a precious object filled with sweet memories. It is definitely worth further photo shoots beside the wedding photographs.

I feel it was too bad to use only once the bridal gowns. It came to my mind that brides could (and should) wear them and have them photographed in further occasions. Here are my few suggestions:

1. Treat yourself and your groom with a pre-wedding photo service and have a photographer capture your love with the background of dear places or exotic destinations. It also helps to get accustomed with your wedding photographer’s work: you will behave much more spontaneously on the wedding photo portraits!

beautiful bride and groom posing during a pre-wedding photo shoot in Venice
This Hong Kong couple enjoyed a nice pre-wedding photo service during a short trip to Venice with funny and creative couple photo portraits

2. Wear your bridal gown again during a honeymoon photo service and have it shot with the background of your honeymoon destination.

Russian bride with pigeons during a wedding photo service in Venice
With a honeymoon photo service or a trash-the-dress shooting you can get informal potographs of your wedding dress.

3. Destroy it! Organize a trash-the-dress shooting and have the photographer capture its slow death with plenty of funny and original bride photographs.

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