It is definitely exciting to work as an engagement photographer (you can really “smell” the couple’s excitement and surprise) but it has its own rules: you need to be “born ready” and flexible.

I was delighted to be appointed by a couple from London to shoot the man’s proposal to the future bride in Venice. Needless to say, it had to take place and be shot at sunset, the most romantic hour in a Venetian day for a loving couple.

Well, as you might know, train delays are quite common in Italy, which caused me to be in place just half and hour before the agreed time (rather than 2 hours as I usually plan). I was  getting my cameras ready when I saw the couple arriving …Gosh, they were early! I said to myself “Don’t Panic!” but, in the twinkling of an eye, the guy fell down on his knees and took the ring out of his pocket.

I immediately  took my camera and clicked. Everything that really matters was in the picture: the excited man, the amazed lady, the ring, the sunset and the lagoon…done!

In the following shots, I could change perspective and focus on details….in a much more relaxed spirit!

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