Expositions to Visit in Venice’s Civic museums

While the idea of this post was to write about cultural activities in Venice and to present an outline of current expositions ready to be visited, I soon realized that the city is too vibrant for a single article. So I’ll narrow the scope of this article to the expositions hosted by one of the several Civic Museums (by the Venice Municipality).

Marco Polo at the Doge’s Palace
I visited the opening of this well curated exposition celebrating 700 years of Marco Polo’s trip connecting with East. The is time until September 29th 2024.
More info on the museum webpage.

Eva Jospin. Selva at Palazzo Fortuny

Definitely one of my favorite museum, it is now enriched by an interesting use of materials, definitely the proper artist for this location. There is time until November 2024.
More info here.

Francesco Vezzoli, Museo Correr

An artistic bridge between the reality we live in and the works of art, available until November 24th, the café of this museum as a few tables near windows overlooking st. Mark’s square, a lovely place to have a tea before or after feeding the mind. In the same museum from april 23rd “The way of Writing” 700 years of calligraphic art, similarly to the Marco Polo exhibition there will be a great accent on connections between east and west.

Ca’ Pesaro, Chiara Dynys and Armando Testa

At the modern art Museum Ca’ Pesaro there will be two temporary exhibitions, one about the Italian artist Chiara Dynys and the other about creations of Armando Testa.

Lorenzo Quinn at Ca’ Rezzonico

A tasting of Quinn’s exhibition ” The souls of Venice” can be enjoyed by visiting the Marco Polo Exposition at the Doge’s Palace. Here at Ca’ Rezzonico there will be more characters and the background would be the one of a well curated museum focusing on the Venice of years ‘700: can’t wait to visit it in a very few days.

I’ll post some stories in my Instagram account: Luca, Photographer in Venice.

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