wounderful Venice setting shot by night
A nice shot of Venice by night taken after a couple portrait photo session

I once heard a renowned professional photographer giving young inexperienced would-be photographers an interesting advice: when you are hired for a photo shooting, first focus on the client, listen to and meet all his or her requests, then, take some more shots just for the fun of it.

In other words, once the work is over, start to work for yourself. In many cases, the photographer argued, the shots of the last phase turn out to be the most beautiful ones and even the clients’ favorite ones.    

I would call this “let the passion work for you”. Needless to say, I have my passion for photography contribute to all my photo services and, when I work in Venice, especially in the case of honeymoon, wedding and engagement photo shootings, the passion for Venice is also there.  

Anyway, I also enjoy shooting some photos just for the fun of it, planning to keep them for myself rather than selling them to the clients. Well, I must say that in many cases I really get great picks which are much appreciated by the customers.

Lately I was hired as a photographer for a couple photo portrait and, as we walked by the Ghetto Vecchio area, we came across some nice views of a Venice channel and bridge which I shot in the picture you see in this post. The photo was much praised by several clients…thanks to the power of passion!

For further examples of photo services in Venice see my website.

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