In springtime some blossoming flowers might add a colorful touch to couple photo shotings.

Venice is not that much a “green city”. Apart from the big public park “Giardini di Sant’Elena” in the Castello district, its green areas are mostly closed in private courtyards. Therefore, it is not easy to see green spots in the city.

Nevertheless, plants, flowers and trees are not completely absent and they might be used as interesting elements when shooting photo portraits in Venice.

Green elements might work as original frames in photo portraits in Venice

For instance, when I am hired as a photographer for wedding, engagement and honeymoon services, I often enjoy letting the couples playing with some of these green elements which add a touch of color and natural feeling to the shots.

Green elements are rare but useful elements in photo services in Venice

In springtime I also have the chance to shoot  a couple next to blooming flowers  which, needless to say, add to the photo portrait’s romantic flavor. My favorite ally in this challenge is the wisteria: Venice has many secret corners where you can see wisteria trees “pouring” down their lilac flowers like colorful bunch of grapes….just come to Venice for a photo portrait and I will show them to you!


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