“Elopement” photo service in Venice: shooting a simple, informal Greek wedding in Venice

Greek bride during wedding photo shooting in Venice
Efi and Gianni chose to get married at the Greek Consulate of Venice and this was the occasion for intense, spontaneous wedding shots

Efi and Gianni’s wedding was really special: no relative was present, no friends, no make-up artist, no hair-stylist…just the two of them, the photographer in charge of their wedding photo reportage and the office employees at the Greek Consulate in Venice.

In some way the wedding reminded me of the “elopements” that used to take place in the past when couples had to get married far away from home to avoid objections from parents. Nowadays similar weddings do take place but are more like a kind of destination weddings, with couple performing the wedding rites in another place than home just to enjoy more privacy or get the most of a romantic environment.

Greek couple walking in Venice during informal wedding photo service
The couple walked along Venetian alleys on their way to the Greek Consulate and I had the chance to shoot very intense romantic couple photographs.

Efi and Gianni just wanted an intimate, very informal wedding ceremony before attending a traditional marriage in Greece later on. The result was a very romantic and intense day both for the couple and for me, as I was chosen as their wedding photographer in this special day.

Spontaneity, simplicity and passion characterized each phase of this wedding. The preparation of the couple, for instance, took place in their hotel room without relatives or assistants, while using elegant and simple details that enhanced the atmosphere and the photographs I shot during this wedding photo service: Gianni’s bow tie, Efi’s pink dress and her make-up which was made in a make-up products store without spending a penny…

Greek couple kissing at the Greek consulate during wedding photo service in Venice
The wedding ceremony took place in the Greek consulate and the couple’s passion enhanced each shot of the wedding photo shooting.

The couple enjoyed many romantic and intense moments during the rest of the day: during an informal photo walk on their way to the Greek consulate, when they stopped to kiss and hug along the channels and on the public ferry boat; during the wedding civil ceremony when their joy and passion enlivened the cold atmosphere of an administrative office in the consulate; during the final walk in Venice when their relaxed mood allowed even more spontaneous and lively shots to be made. A simple great wedding….no match for any big fat Greek wedding!

couple hugging during wedding photo shooting in Venice
Passion and joy enlightened this simple and informal wedding ceremony and allowed very intense shots to be made during the photo service.

For further examples of wedding photo services in Venice see my website.

Greek couple hugging during informal wedding photo service in Venice
The couple enjoyed some shots after the wedding ceremony in a very informal and passionate mood

Post by Metella Iaconello.

Honeymoon photo shooting: a dancing bridal veil at Garda Lake

bride and groom playing with veil during honeymoon photo session at Garda Lake
During this honeymoon photo service at Garda Lake the bride and the groom accepted my suggestion to play with the bridal veil.

Last September a nice just-married Russian couple hired me as a honeymoon photographer to shoot them on the background of Garda Lake in Desenzano. Since the wedding had already taken place in Russia, they just wore their wedding dresses again in their hotel room, walked along the lake and posed for some shots in some romantic spots.

just-married couple shot at Desenzano at Garda Lake by honeymoon photographer
This honeymoon photo service enclosed some shots in romantic spots at Garda Lake

In order to make the photo session more dynamic and funny, I suggested the bride to play with her veil and let it dance in the air: she was glad to do it and her husband contributed to the dance. The dance began at the hotel and went on during the whole session: at the lakeside, at the lighthouse, in the gardens, etc.

Russian couple kissing at Garda Lake during a couple photo portrait
As a honeymoon photographer I enjoy enlive my photographs with creative ideas and suggestions.

This is a nice example of how a little detail and a creative idea can turn a common couple photo session into some really pleasant hours and unique shots.  

bride and groom walking along Garda Lake while posing for honeymoon photographer
The young couple I shot at Desenzano enjoyed very much my idea of playing with the bridal veil during our honeymoon photo session

On my website you can see some more examples of honeymoon photo sessions.

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