Getting married in Venice: when, where and how

Russian couple kiss in San Marco Square during a wedding photo service in Venice
Getting married in Venice provides bride and groom with the chance to have special couple photographs with the unique background of the city’s squares, bridges, alleys and channels.

Celebrating their wedding in Venice is a dream shared by many couples worldwide. Working as a professional engagement, wedding and honeymoon photographer I regularly meet couples fascinated by this very romantic and unique city: they want to have its squares, channels, alleys and monuments as the background of their photographs in such a special day.

Many couples even treat themselves with a pre-wedding photo service in Venice or with some couple photo portraits in this city wearing their wedding suites before or after the ceremony itself.

But if you want to enjoy a real civil wedding in Venice you just have to follow a few simple steps: Continue reading “Getting married in Venice: when, where and how”