Photo Portraits in Venice: Shooting from Above

Shooting from above is a nice way to make wedding photo portraits more dynamic

In order to offer my clients original shots when they hire me as a photographer for wedding, honeymoon or couple portrait photo services in Venice, I often enjoy changing the perspective of my shots.

As already said in other posts, this might happen by chance thanks to the clients’ ideas, like the day a young Russian couple wanted to continue their informal photo shooting on a gondola.

In other cases I have to use all my creativity to find new ways to make the shots in some way different from the postcards’ ones and able to be appreciated by the clients.

young couple shot from above in Venice

One way I found out is shooting from above. This gives the picture a new perspective and allows me to focus on the subjects’ faces and expressions which in most cases show surprise and amusement.

This means I have to climb on the most wired structures to gain some height: stairs, bridges, buildings and even trees!

When I work as a portrait photographer in Venice I have my secret spots where climbing is not that difficult…just come to Venice and I will show them to you.

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The mirroring effect in the puddles along the alleys might help the photographer to get nice photo portraits in Venice

In most cases, no matter where you are going to shoot your photo portraits, sun and fine weather are strategic allies to get beautiful shots.

This is of course true as for Venice. Sunny weather can help professional portrait photographers getting great shots making the most of light or focusing, for instance, on water and sunset.

Nevertheless, I experienced several cases where rainy days were also useful to get original and impressive shots. For instance, rainy days offer the photographer the chance to make the most of the rain puddles’ mirroring effect.

Beside, rainy weather adds a touch of romanticism to the city, which it is especially helpful for a couple portrait photographer hired for wedding and honeymoon photo services.

Rain might add special charme to a photo potrait in Venice

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For further suggestions on Venice’s most interesting shooting settings see my ebook.


Rain adds to Venice’s romantic atmosphere



Natalia and Andrej, a just-married Russian couple, decided to spend their honeymoon in Venice and hired me for a photo shooting.

shooting on a bridge in Venice

Spontaneity, curiosity and youthful spirit characterized this couple in their mid-twenties and I was glad to follow their steps and looks during a relaxed photo walk with many steps in romantic spots.

shooting a couple portrait alongside a Venetian channel

They also had a nice idea: why not jumping on a gondola and going on with the shooting session on board? This gave them the opportunity to experience a traditional Venetian transport facility, and provided me with the chance to portray them with the unique background of the ancient Venetian palaces seen from the Canal Grande.

A nice and useful turn of perspective which resulted in some pleasant couple portraits of which you can see on my website.

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Shooting the couple under a Venetian porch

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