St. Regis hotel in Venice, water taxi and San Giorgio Island

planning of surprise proposal at the st regis

Discover the enchanting tale of a surprise marriage proposal in Venice, 
featuring a luxurious stay at the St. Regis hotel , a romantic water taxi ride,
and an unforgettable moment at San Giorgio Island.

Imagine exchanging whispers of love amidst the echoing charm of Venice, a
city woven with the threads of romance. Picture the perfect setting for
a surprise proposal. Now, what if I told you that you could amplify 
this magic tenfold? Welcome to our little narrative on planning the   surprise proposal  nestled in the 
lap of luxury at the St. Regis Hotel.

The Prelude: Choosing the Perfect Base – St. Regis
A symphony of 
elegance and hospitality, the St. Regis Venice stands as a testament to 
luxury and comfort. Encircled by the mesmerizing Grand Canal, this 
exquisite hotel is where your surprise proposal journey begins.

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