Photo walks in Venice: shooting or being shot?

Jewish couple shot during an informa photo walk in Venice
The photo walking tours I offer give the clients the chance to enjoy an informal stroll in Venice and be photographed in some romantic and less known spots of the city.

There are many kinds of photo walks in Venice: the ones I propose to my clients are basically informal photo sessions aiming at portraying the customers with the background of such a magic and unique city. My photo walking tours are ideal for couples (being them enjoying their season, pre-wedding, engagement, wedding or honeymoon holidays in Venice) or anyone who wants a special photo portrait.

This Russian couple enjoyed very much the informal photo walking tour I offered them which gave me the chance to shoot some romantic photos with an unique background

In these cases I would walk along the city with them, letting them explore the less famous areas as well as the most romantic and attractive spots and photograph the clients along the Venetian alleys, on bridges, in the middle of squares or under arcades.

I had this Rusian couple explore Venice’s markets and other everyday life’s spots during their photo walk in Venice

Other photographers, instead, specialized in different kinds of photo tours: for instance, Arved Gintenreiter, a German photographer who moved to Venice and committed to travel photography and photojournalism, offers photo walking tours to clients eager to learn more about photography and enjoy a real photo shooting workshop in Venice.

Arved Gitenreiter photographer
Arved Gintenreiter is a professional photographer offering photo walking workshops in Venice

Arved accompanies amateur photographers along the alleys and squares with their own photo equipment, explains the techniques and tricks of this hard yet marvelous job and lets them experience and practice professional photography at least for one day or a few hours. At the same time he provides some information about Venice’s history and art so that the tour gets even more interesting.

It’s funny to notice that Arved and I went through similar professional stories, which included working in fields far from photography then switching to professional photography as a full-time job, in both cases with a strong focus on Venice.

Our offers are quite different, nevertheless: mine focuses on portraying people and feelings during wedding, engagement, honeymoon photo services, while Arved’s one aims at improving the clients’ technical and professional know-how.

Russian couple during a  photo shooting at Carnival in Venice
Photo walking tours might turn into something very special when they take place during Carnival, like the one I shot for this Russian couple

Therefore, you are very welcome to Venice to enjoy the photo walking tour you prefer, either Arved photo walking workshops or my photo walking services.