Shooting a firefighter’s engagement proposal in Venice: love is on fire!

couple hugging during engagement photo service in Venice
Thomas proposed to Heather on San Giorgio Island after giving her a dozen of roses. I was asked to leave the roses on the ground before starting this engagement photo shooting.

A few months ago I was hired as a professional photographer by Thomas, a fireman from California who was planning his trip to Venice with his girlfriend, Heather. He wanted to take this chance to make a surprise engagement proposal to her and asked me to suggest a suitable place to “stage” it.

ferry shot during engagement photo service in Venice
The couple comfortably reached San Giorgio Island by ferry after leaving their hotel near San Marco Square. The island is located in the Venetian lagoon in front of San Marco Square.

I suggested the San Giorgio Maggiore Island which is located in the lagoon in front of San Marco Square. This is a very special place: an island hosting a church in neoclassic style by Andrea Palladio, and a cultural foundation with gardens and a theatre. It ensured a quiet environment for the couple and a beautiful background for my photographs.

firefighter proposing to his girlfriend during an engagement photo shooting in Venice
After giving her the roses Thomas proposed to Heather and gave her the ring. I shot these moments from a hidden place.

The couple quickly reached the island by ferry and Thomas pretended to planning to see the remarkable view from the Church’s bell tower. I was waiting on the island with hidden cameras after having left a dozen of red roses on the ground. Thomas took the roses and gave them to Heather one by one while uttering sweet words. Then he took the ring, kneed down and made his proposal.

couple kissing during a photo walk in Venice
After the engagement proposal the couple treated themselves with a photo walk in Venice.

Needless to say, Heather was overjoyed and the two hugged and kissed again and again. I shot photos of all the most romantic moments then left them alone for a while. They visited the tower of the church,  then we went back to San Marco Square and had a quick photo walk in the Castello district.

couple hugging during a photo walk in Venice
For Thomas’ and Heather”s photo walk in Venice I suggested the Castello district, which is not far from San Marco Square and their hotel.

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