Let’s sail away and get married: wedding proposal in Venice

couple hug during wedding proposal photo reportage in Venice
Tim’s proposal in Venice was a real success..thanks to his love, Venice’s beauty and a hidden engagement photographer!

Every couple getting to Venice has its own story: a unique mix of feelings, unforgettable moments spent together, sweet souvenirs and common passions. Tim and his girlfriend love sailing, boats and water. No wonder he chose Venice as setting for his wedding proposal. The Venetian lagoon crossed by modern and traditional boats was a perfect background for their love and his promise of a future life together. Continue reading “Let’s sail away and get married: wedding proposal in Venice”

A fairy-tale day: luxury couple portraits in Venice

couple kiss at Danieli Hotel's terrace during couple photo service in Venice
A strong love, a magic city and a luxurious frame…what else for a perfect couple portrait in Venice?

Visit Venice is enough to make you feel like living a fairy tale; if you are with your sweetheart, the tale gets even more perfect. This is why many couples treat themselves with a couple photo session during their stay in Venice. Svetlana and her husband did more: they added a luxurious frame to the fairy-tale.

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Red gown and soft light for romantic pre-wedding photos in Venice

couple walking during pre wedding photo session in Venice
Soft light, quiet surroundings and the beauty of Venice: what else for a perfect pre-wedding photo service for a young and passionate couple?


Sometimes a pre-wedding photographer might be very lucky. That’s when many different elements “conspire” to help you. This was the case as I went out for a pre-wedding photo service in Venice with a young would-be-married couple.

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Proposing on her birthday: surprise proposal photograpy in Venice

couple kiss in front of lagoon during engagement photo session in Venice
A very happy ending for the special surprise wedding proposal organized by a creative young gentleman in Venice.

Most of the would-be husbands spend a lot of time and energy in finding out the best way to propose to their beloved. They want the proposal to take place in a beautiful surrounding, with a romantic atmosphere and, why not, a professional engagement photographer capturing it.

At the same time they want it to be a real surprise for the girl and have things happen smoothly and successfully, just as if it were by chance. They do not want their plan to be discovered in advance.

Well, this is not so easy. Would be husbands get easily nervous and a special atmosphere might well put the girl in alert and make her guess what is going on.

Sanjee, a young gentlemen that lately hired me for a surprise wedding proposal photo service, had a very smart idea to overcome this problem.

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