Shooting a simple yet elegant wedding: less is more the Italian Alps

couple hugging during wedding photo service in Trentino, Northern Italy
Ana and Federico chose a very simple yet elegant wedding which gave me the opportunity to shoot beautiful couple photographs

Last year I was hired by a young couple as the photographer of their wedding which was held in a small mountain village in the Trentino region in Northern Italy.

Well, the gorgeous landscape definitely played a key role for my shots of the wedding day, but this was just one of the reasons that helped me to offer Ana and Federico a nice wedding reportage.

bride getting ready during wedding reportage in the Italian Alps
The bride chose many elegant details for her outfit, hairstyle and make-up which enhanced her natural intense beauty.

The two of them chose a very intimate and simple style for this important day but many elegant details (including the bride’s dress, accessories and hairstyle, the picturesque mountain town where the banquet was held) made the whole event very beautiful and their spontaneous feelings ensured very intense and moving photographs to be shot with little effort on my side.

bride and groom listening to the priest during wedding photo reportage in Trentino
Intense feelings shined on the bride’s and groom’s faces during the wedding ceremony while elegant details decorated the church.

There were quite few participants for an Italian wedding, just a bunch of about 40 people, but sincere feelings made the relatives’ and friends’ faces glow or melt into tears, which ensured a genuine and joyful  atmosphere. An original touch was also provided by the priest who, being at the same time the bride’s brother, was sincerely moved.

bride hugging priest during wedding photo shooting in Northern Italy
The priest of this wedding was the bride’s sister which contributed to make the ceremony more intense with sincere feelings bursting out spontaneously

Therefore, even if this might sound rhetoric, I must say I was delighted to be in charge of Ana’s and Federico’s wedding reportage and enjoyed very much these simple yet perfect celebrations.

just married couple pose in a small mountain village during a photo shooting in Northern Italy
The mountain village where the wedding was celebrated provided many beautiful couple photographs with a pictoresque setting

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Post by Metella Iaconello.

A surprising honeymoon photo shooting: the story of a bride and her bag

married couple posing during honeymoon photo service at Garda Lake
During a nice honeymoon photo servce in Desenzano del Garda, the groom surprised the bride by giving her as a present a bag she was deeply longing for.

One advantage of working as a professional photographer for couples enjoying their holidays or honeymoon in Italy is that I often come across some nice stories which happen during the shooting sessions.

couple hugging on a bridge in Venice during an informal photo walk
A few days before the honeymoon shooting at Garda Lake, the couple had enjoyed a great informal photo walk in Venice, where the bride fell in love with a bag which, so she was said, was too expansive for her groom.

Last year I had the chance to enjoy an informal photo walk in Venice with a young Russian couple who after some shots in the enchanting Ghetto Vecchio, stopped in a shop because the bride’s attention was caught by a nice bag which she insisted to buy. After a long discussion the groom persuaded her to give up this idea since, I was said, the bag was too expensive. I noticed the the bride’s disappointed expression… 

bride getting dressed before honeymoon photo session at Garda lake
Before starting the honeymoon photo shooting the couple got dressed in their hotel room in Desenzano del Garda.

A few days later the same couple asked me to have a honeymoon photo sessions in Desenzano, on the Garda Lake. They wore their wedding suites and I shot the couple on this beautiful natural background.

couple walking during honeymoon photo session
During the honeymoon photo shooting the couple posed in some romantic spots along the Garda Lake.

During the same session, as I was focusing on portraying the bride with her nice white dress and a long bridal veil when, suddenly, the groom arrived at the place, holding a packet with the same brand of the bag we saw in Venice.

As he approached and gave her the present, I was able to catch her face’s amazed and delighted expression: she was almost on the point of bursting into tears!

bride enjoying a surprise during a honeymoon photo session
The bride was overjoyed with the groom’s present and this gave me to shoot their happy expressions and spontaneous feelings.

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  young couple portrait on a gondola in Venice

Natalia and Andrej, a just-married Russian couple, decided to spend their honeymoon in Venice and hired me for a photo shooting, as others just-married couples have done to have high-quality shots of this special stay.

couple sitting on a Venetian bridge
shooting on a bridge in Venice

Spontaneity, curiosity and youthful spirit characterized this couple in their mid-twenties and I was glad to follow their steps and looks during a relaxed photo walk with many steps in romantic spots.

couple hugging alongside a Venetian channel
shooting a couple portrait alongside a Venetian channel


They also had a nice idea: why not jumping on a gondola and going on with the shooting session on board? This gave them the opportunity to experience a traditional Venetian transport facility, and provided me with the chance to portray them with the unique background of the ancient Venetian palaces seen from the Canal Grande.

A nice and useful turn of perspective which resulted in some pleasant couple portraits of which you can see on my website.

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couple hugging under a Venetian porch
Shooting the couple under a Venetian porch


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It is definitely exciting to work as an engagement photographer (you can really “smell” the couple’s excitement and surprise) but it has its own rules: you need to be “born ready” and flexible.

I was delighted to be appointed by a couple from London to shoot the man’s proposal to the future bride in Venice. Needless to say, it had to take place and be shot at sunset, the most romantic hour in a Venetian day for a loving couple.

Well, as you might know, train delays are quite common in Italy, which caused me to be in place just half and hour before the agreed time (rather than 2 hours as I usually plan). I was  getting my cameras ready when I saw the couple arriving …Gosh, they were early! I said to myself “Don’t Panic!” but, in the twinkling of an eye, the guy fell down on his knees and took the ring out of his pocket.

I immediately  took my camera and clicked. Everything that really matters was in the picture: the excited man, the amazed lady, the ring, the sunset and the lagoon…done!

In the following shots, I could change perspective and focus on details….in a much more relaxed spirit!

Have a look at the results at


Pre-wedding photography  includes photo services carried out before the wedding taking place, when the couple enjoys a photo session at special times or in a special setting.

This trend is especially appreciated by the couples who choose to hold their wedding abroad. While enjoying a tour in famous cities or enchanting environments they take the chance to have a few shots of highly  romantic moments. 

Here is my favourite pre-weeding photo session:

I’m  looking forward to reading your comments on it!


I experienced several young couples preferring a destination wedding to traditional wedding: they get married in an “exotic” context, far away from home, sometimes with just a few guests.

The photographs shot in this cases have a more private, intimate flavor, and a special charm due to the “exotic” surroundings.

Venice is a top destination for destination weddings due to its highly romantic atmosphere and I enjoyed several casual photo sessions with brides and bridegrooms coming from different nations.

In my website you can see some of my pictures of couples choosing Venice for their destination wedding……will your wedding be my next destination?