4 reasons to visit Venice in spring… and to get romantic portraits

couple hug in square in Venice during honeymoon photo service
Spring is a great time to visit Venice and enjoy sunny days, blossoming nature and to get nice photo portraits

Venice is always worth a visit: in winter for its light; in summer for its sunny days; in autumn for its romantic atmosphere…what about spring? Here are a few good reasons:

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Photo portrait of a music trio: melodious photographs in Venice

singer and musicians posing for a photo portrait in Venice
This music trio posed for a photo portrait at sunrise in Venice.

On my way to a honeymoon photo service at sunset, I met by chance a music band entertaining the passer-byes. Two violinist players and a singer were performing music pieces making up a charming and melodious scene.

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A Colorful Photo Portray in Venice: Shooting a Jewish Couple in Traditional Attire

One of the most exciting thing about working as a photographer for couple photo portraits, honeymoon, wedding and engagement services in Venice is that it gives me the chance to work for different kinds of clients, coming from different countries and sharing different cultures.

couple hugging on Ponte di Rialto during an informal photo walk in Venice
The first phase of Irina’s and Simon’s couple photo service in Venice enclosed shots in some romantic spots.

It was a real pleasure to hired by Irina and Simon, a young Jewish couple, for shooting a photo portrait during their honeymoon in Venice.  While we were walking along alleys and squares to get romantic as well as informal shots, I enjoyed their sensitivity and refined taste, as well as the chance to learn a bit ore about their culture.

young couple posing in a café during a honeymoon photo shooting in Venice
I had the couple relax during some breaks in our informal photo walk in Venice to get them at ease with my presence and work.

In the first phase of our informal photo walk in Venice, they just behaved as most young couples in love: I had them hug, kiss, and dance in many nice Venetian spots, giving them the possibility to get familiar with my presence and work.

In the second phase of the couple photo shooting, they changed their attire and wore traditional Jewish suites which added a touch of color and a special exotic flavor to my shots.

Jewish couple in traditional attire posing during their honeymoon photo service in Venice
Irina and Simon changed their attire and wore tarditional Jewish dresses for the last part of our informal photo walk in Venice

In the meanwhile they had relaxed and were eventually feeling at ease in front of my camera and even felt confident enough to start dancing in a square. That’s why the shots of this phase look so intense and even a bit “exotic”…don’t you think?

Jewish couple in traditional attire dancing during a honemoon photo shooting in Venice
At the end of the couple photo shooting, Irina and Simon eventually felt at ease with my camera and even enjoyed dancing in a square.

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Post by Metella Iaconello.


couple kissing under wisteria flowers in Venice
In springtime some blossoming flowers might add a colorful touch to couple photo shotings.

Venice is not that much a “green city”. Apart from the big public park “Giardini di Sant’Elena” in the Castello district, its green areas are mostly closed in private courtyards. Therefore, it is not easy to see green spots in the city.

Nevertheless, plants, flowers and trees are not completely absent and they might be used as interesting elements when shooting photo portraits in Venice.

couple hugging next to a tree in Venice
Green elements might work as original frames in photo portraits in Venice

For instance, when I am hired as a photographer for wedding, engagement and honeymoon services, I often enjoy letting the couples playing with some of these green elements which add a touch of color and natural feeling to the shots.

couple hugging next to a plant in an alley in Venice
Green elements are rare but useful elements in photo services in Venice

In springtime I also have the chance to shoot  a couple next to blooming flowers  which, needless to say, add to the photo portrait’s romantic flavor. My favorite ally in this challenge is the wisteria: Venice has many secret corners where you can see wisteria trees “pouring” down their lilac flowers like colorful bunch of grapes….just come to Venice for a photo portrait and I will show them to you!


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wounderful Venice setting shot by night
A nice shot of Venice by night taken after a couple portrait photo session

I once heard a renowned professional photographer giving young inexperienced would-be photographers an interesting advice: when you are hired for a photo shooting, first focus on the client, listen to and meet all his or her requests, then, take some more shots just for the fun of it.

In other words, once the work is over, start to work for yourself. In many cases, the photographer argued, the shots of the last phase turn out to be the most beautiful ones and even the clients’ favorite ones.    

I would call this “let the passion work for you”. Needless to say, I have my passion for photography contribute to all my photo services and, when I work in Venice, especially in the case of honeymoon, wedding and engagement photo shootings, the passion for Venice is also there.  

Anyway, I also enjoy shooting some photos just for the fun of it, planning to keep them for myself rather than selling them to the clients. Well, I must say that in many cases I really get great picks which are much appreciated by the customers.

Lately I was hired as a photographer for a couple photo portrait and, as we walked by the Ghetto Vecchio area, we came across some nice views of a Venice channel and bridge which I shot in the picture you see in this post. The photo was much praised by several clients…thanks to the power of passion!

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