A blue-boothed procession: elegant wedding photos despite high water

groom and best man during wedding photo service in venice with high water
Blue booths for the groom, the best man and most of the guests for a special bridal procession in Venice

“Sposa bagnata, sposa fortuna”: a rain-wet bride will enjoy a lucky life, so goes an Italian old way of saying. A bride that lately hired me for her wedding photo service in Venice was definitely a lucky one, despite the rain and high water of a grey Venetian day.

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Burano: A wedding party on a boat

couple kissing in Burano during wedding reportage venice
Color was one of the main ingredients of a very successful wedding recipe…and very beautiful wedding photos!

Weddings are usually very exciting for brides and the grooms. They are living an unforgettable day and experiencing very intense feelings and a wedding reportage  is meant to capture this special moment of passionate happiness.
The same is not always true for the guests. Due to the wedding schedule or different levels of intimacy with the couple, guests might not enjoy the day to the full.
This was definitely not the case of Matteo’s and Olya’s wedding as they managed to make the day unforgettable and enjoyable for all the guests

As it well shown in their wedding photography, their wedding was very creative, amusing and masterly combined beauty and fun for everyone.

How did they manage that?
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Wedding photos with children: a love portrait … with its fruits!

children takes picture of couple kissing during wedding photo servcie in venice
Romantic wedding portraits and intense family pictures: feelings are the main ingredients of a wedding reportage with children!

A wedding photo service captures a couple’s love at its apex and is full of romantic, intense couple photographs.
Wedding photos with children, on the other hand, focus on a mature kind of love…with its fruits already there ! That is why pictures of this kind turn out to be very touching.

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