Capturing a lifetime passion: vows renewal photographs in Venice

couple performing vows renewal during photo service in Venice
This long-married couple chose a very intimate yet intense ceremony to do their vows renewal in Venice

“Will you still need me when I’m sixty-four?”: as the Beatles well understood, this is an important question for most people in love. They want to be sure their happiness will last forever, not only during the golden age of youth or the sweet days of honeymoon.

Therefore, while it is definitely pleasant to capture the blossoming passion of a couple during  engagements, weddings or honeymoons, things get much more touching (and even encouraging) when long-time married couples are the main subject of couple portraits.

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A colourful vows renewal reportage with special bridesmaids

couple kissing during vows renewal photo walk in Venice
The daughters of the couple performing vows renewal were both main and side characters of their parents’ love story

This American couple chose Venice as the destination for their vows renewal ceremony hired me as their photographer.
It was clear a strong relationship blessed by enduring passion and mutual understatement. With couples that renew their vows  after many years I’m always charmed by the strengths of their feelings, and I try to portray their love in images.
What set them apart was their family: they were accompanied by two daughters .

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Vow renewal photo shooting in Venice: not just a couple, but a family matter!

bride, bridegroom and son walking along an alley in Venice during a vow renewal photo shooting
A vow renewal photo shooting often involves a couple and their children

I lately had the chance to shoot a vow renewal in Venice: an American couple chose the city as the right location to re-commits to their relationship and re-state their love for one another.

couple kissing during vow renewal photo service
Our photo walk in Venice enclosed several stops in romantic spots for intense couple portraits

A couple shooting of this kind is in some way different from a wedding photo service: the couple has already experienced the wedding rituals some time in advance; they often choose a more intimate, simple ceremony and, just like in this case, they are not alone.

The Texan couple I shot was indeed accompanied by their 15-year-old boy which gave me the chance of portraying a family story.

bridegroom helping the son during a photo walk in Venice
A vows renewal photo shooting gives the photographer the chance to portray the relationship and feelings among parents and children.

Needless to say, during our informal photo walk in Venice, I made some couple photographs in highly romantic spots trying to fully express the couple’s deep feelings for one another. It was really exciting to see long-lasting and still intense love almost shining from their smiles and eyes!

bride and son walk in Venice during vows renewal photo service
The feelings between the bride and his son were also highlighted in this vows renewal photo shooting

Beside, I also focused my shots on the three people’s relationship as a family, portraying the mother-son and father-son behavior, as well as making some shots full of “family-flavor” with the three of them walking, hugging or even running together.

bride looking at the groom during vow renewal photo service
During this photo shooting I managed to catch very intense expressions and feelings in my photographs

As a professional wedding, honeymoon and engagement photographer, I always aim at catching people’s feeling and relations in my photo portraits. This vow renewal photo service gave me the opportunity to get intense shots which can work as nice souvenirs of important family moments.

post by Metella Iaconello

bridegroom kissing the bride during vows renewal photo shooting
Parents and son all enjoyed very much our informal photo walk in Venice, including the breaks we had.