Romantic e-session in secret Venice for a life-long journey

Venice offers plenty of options to loving couples. Lots of them choose  to marry here, others spend their honeymoon in the city and  many gentlemen choose to propose in Venice. But that is not all. There are further ways to enjoy the city as the background of a love story and getting beautiful wedding, engagement or honeymoon photographs.
A young charming couple recently hired me for an e-session in Venice after the would-be husband had proposed in Florence.

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Just you and me: a romantic honeymoon portrait session for a just-married couple

cuple kisisng during couple portrait session in Venice
A just-married couple enjoying their shining in their happiness and passion.

A young charming couple lately got married and celebrated the wedding in their hometown surrounded by loving relatives and friends. Then they left for their honeymoon  and visited Venice: here they decided to celebrate again their life-long union in a much more intimate and romantic way.

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Engagement photos at sunrise in Venice: capturing the dawn of a marriage

couple hugging during engagement photo session in Venice dawn
A young couple from Brasil did an engagement photo session at sunrise: the chance to capture the dawn of their life together!

Some couples like to have beautiful images of their wedding proposal.

They find this moment is something exceptional, worth to be remembered in the years to come and captured in high-quality photographs. That’s why they like to book a professional surprise engagement photographer’s services: his images will always remind them of the excited amazement and bursting joy that filled their hearts at that time.

Other couples prefer a more intimate, private atmosphere for the proposal but they still want to keep great memories of such a key step in a couple’s life. That’s why they arrange an engagement photo service the day after the proposal, appointing a photographer the task to capture their more relaxed but still shining happiness.

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Sunrise romance in Venice: capturing the pink side of love

couple hugging in fromt of lagoon during couple portrait in Venice
This  couple enjoyed the nice experience of couple Venice at sunrise.

Apart from being an ideal background for a couple’s unique events such as weddings, honeymoons and engagements, Venice is a perfect location for capturing a couple’s passion and joy in common days as well.

Any season of the year is suitable to get high-quality romantic photography, but many  appreciate the chance to experience a couple photo session at sunrise.

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“Cherish-the-dress” photographs in Venice: new life for the bridal gown


couple hugging during wedding photo service in Venice
This couple made the most of their honeymoon in Venice to wear their wedding outfits once again during a cherish-the-dress photo session

Bridal gowns are very precious things: they often cost a fortune and are made with precious materials; and even when they are very simple or inherited , they are made precious by the feelings the bride has attached to them: expectation, joy, tenderness, sweet memories…

That is why ever more brides feel it would be too bad only wear their bridal gowns only once and like to be captured again in high quality photographs with their wedding dresses. Continue reading ““Cherish-the-dress” photographs in Venice: new life for the bridal gown”

Wedding with kids in Venice: capturing family feelings

This Dutch couple’s little daughters turned a wedding photo service into a lively family party!

As a wedding photographer I spend a lot of time with couples in special moments of their story, which is definitely exciting.

Things get even more touching when couples are accompanied by their children: the session usually turns into a much more dynamic, tender and playful family portrait.

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