Anniversary photos in Venice: celebrating success

couple kiss during wedding anniversary photo service in venice
Gorgeous lagoon views and secret spots both worked as perfect background for romantic portraits for this couple’s anniversary in Venice

When it comes to celebrate long-term wedding anniversaries, husbands and wives might get in trouble. After having been living together for many years, they almost gave everything as present to their beloved ones, and might run short of ideas.

This is why a short couple holiday in a romantic place might be a good option. A loving husband or wife might organize a surprise trip to a place they never visited before or else to some place they liked a lot in the past. Venice works well in both cases and a couple holiday in this city cannot be but a very welcome present for any beloved one.

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From Venice with mum: family photo portraits

mum and daughter during family photo portrait in venice
Spending a few days in Venice cannot but strengthen a mother-and daughter relationship while ensuring great memories.

People travel to Venice for many reasons. Couples in love arrive in the city to celebrate their wedding, spend their honeymoon holidays or just to look for a very romantic background for their love story.

Friends and single tourists travel to Venice to discover a unique environment, visit museums and monuments, admiring the beauty of ancient palaces and narrow alleys, enjoy the winter light or the sunset on the lagoon. Families spend some time in Venice to offer their kids a kind of adventurous holiday in unusual surroundings.

daugther and mother hug during family photo session in Venice
Free time with her dearest one in a gorgeous city and high-quality picture to remember it…what else for a perfect present for a special mum?

Beside, an increasing number of grown-ups is visiting (or coming back to) Venice with a dear parent. A son and his mother plan to spend a few days there to enjoy a trip together. A daughter is surprising her mother with a short holiday in Venice, making her long-time dream come true. These days will be cherished for long time thereafter.

This is why some of these “couples” are choosing to treat themselves with a family photo service in Venice: they want to keep souvenir of this special time together using high-quality pictures by a professional photographer. This is a nice chance to enjoy a careless walk in the city and have themselves portrayed with extraordinary background.

mother and daughter walk during family portrait service in venice
Discovering Venice’s most hidden beauty and getting portrayed in nice family portraits…

The photographs taken in such occasions well portray their feelings: surprise for the city’s beauty, excitement to discover its many attractions, happiness to share such experience with a dear one, perfect mutual understanding and complicity, pride for having such a special person next to you, and so on…

In short, family photos are not completely different from couple portraits since they also capture love. Not a romantic kind of love but a more serene one, deeply rooted in blood and DNA and strengthened by long-time care and affection.

Indeed the feeling that family pictures capture at their best is gratefulness: the gratefulness grown-up daughters and sons feel for all the efforts their parents made for them; the parents’ gratefulness to receive the best present ever: precious time spent with their most dear ones surrounded by beauty. And the pictures themselves, working as an added present, well embody this “Thank you” voice coming from their hearts.

Have a look at further examples of my family photos or contact me for your own portrait in Venice.

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Romantic couple portraits in costume for Carnival in Venice

Romantic e-session in secret Venice for a life-long journey

Venice offers plenty of options to loving couples. Lots of them choose  to marry here, others spend their honeymoon in the city and  many gentlemen choose to propose in Venice. But that is not all. There are further ways to enjoy the city as the background of a love story and getting beautiful wedding, engagement or honeymoon photographs.
A young charming couple recently hired me for an e-session in Venice after the would-be husband had proposed in Florence.

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3 reasons to visit Venice in winter and get your romantic portrait

couple hug during couple photo session in Venice
Couples visiting Venice in winter might make the most of the winter light and almost desert surroundings for intense romantic couple portraits

Venice is gorgeous in spring when mild weather and the awakening nature makes every corner of the city smile at you, contributing to get excellent couple portraits and wedding photos. Venice is marvelous in summer when you can enjoy many hours of light and sun, have your meals served outdoor, and even relax and swim at Lido beach.

Nevertheless, Venice features a secret beauty in winter too, which is almost unknown by most tourists but well appreciated by all those who visited the city in this season. Here are a few reasons you should definitely enjoy Venice’s winter charm:

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A (photo) tale of two cities…and one love (and beautiful photographs)

couple hugging in Florence during engagement photo session
This couple had both Florence and Venice as background for their love story in two special moments

As young and in-love Josh planned a trip to Italy with his girlfriend, he decided to make the most of the enchanting settings they would visit to turn the trip into a romantic play with a happy ending.  He kept his decision for himself and properly organized a breath-taking surprise.

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Sunrise romance in Venice: capturing the pink side of love

couple hugging in fromt of lagoon during couple portrait in Venice
This  couple enjoyed the nice experience of couple Venice at sunrise.

Apart from being an ideal background for a couple’s unique events such as weddings, honeymoons and engagements, Venice is a perfect location for capturing a couple’s passion and joy in common days as well.

Any season of the year is suitable to get high-quality romantic photography, but many  appreciate the chance to experience a couple photo session at sunrise.

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