Pre-wedding photo shooting for an Asian couple in Venice

Asian couple playing during their pre-wedding photo shooting in Venice
Alvan and Joyce, a couple from Hong Kong, enjoyed very much their pre-wedding photo service and tried different poses in many romantic spots of the city.

Pre-wedding photo shootings are getting more and more popular among couples from all over the world and are especially loved by Asian people. To ensure an exotic background to their couple photo portraits, the bride and groom leave their city or country and enjoy a short holiday in a romantic environment. There they hire a professional photographer and have themselves shot in romantic spots, in most cases wearing their wedding suite.

Hong Kong couple shot during a pre-wedding photo service in Venice
The bride and groom played with each other on the gorgeous background provided by Venice’s channels and alleys.

As the couple is shot by themselves, without relatives and friends, bride and groom are usually more relaxed and prone to spontaneously express their feelings. At the same time they are usually very excited due to the new environment and the chance they have to taste in advance the delights of the wedding day: make-up, bridal fitting, photo shooting, etc.

Asian couple enjoying a couple photo portrait in Venice
The couple enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere while experiencing a professional photo service, which might have helped them later during their wedding photo shooting.

A nice example of a beautiful pre-wedding photo service is the one I shot for this young couple from Hong Kong: Alvan and Joyce enjoyed a short holiday in Venice before getting married and treated themselves with a pre-wedding photo service. This allowed them to get acquainted with their beautiful wedding suites, discover the city in both its most romantic spots and less famous areas, try different poses and play with each other. I guess this helped them a lot during their wedding photo shooting back in Hong Kong, making them feel more at ease with the photographer’s work.

Asian couple shot in Piazza San Marco in Venice during a pre-wedding shooting
Alvan and Joyce changed their clothes in the evening and enjoyed some more elegant and funny couple shots in Venice

They also took the chance to change their clothes and wear another elegant suite in the evening. This gave me the chance to shoot some more couple photographs with the bride and the groom looking like much more relaxed in very intense or funny shots.

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Asian couple shot in Venice during a pre-wedding photo service
At the end of our photo shooting in Venice we made some romantic couple photographs at sunset time.

Shooting a couple in fancy costumes: an informal photo walk during Venice Carnival

Russian couple dressed-up in Cranival costumes in Venice during informal photo walk
Danilo and Mariana chose a special photo session in Venice: they hired a photographer to portrait them strolling in the city dressed up with fancy costumes during the famous Venetian Carnival.

I guess everyone of you has heard wonders about the Carnival in Venice. This is indeed one of the most famous Carnivals in the world due to its unique feature: for a whole week the city goes back to the Serenissima Republic times, people walk along the small alleys dressed up like 16th-17th century ladies and lords and ceremonies typical of the Republic period are performed in many Venetian campi (squares). Italian and foreign visitors crowd the city to enjoy this special atmosphere and the sight of beautiful fancy-dress costumes and masks.

young couple pose along Venetian alley during couple photo service
During our informal photo session, we stopped in several romantic spots to shoot a few nice couple photographs.

I lately had the chance to accompany a couple from Russia Danilo and Mariana during their visit to the Carnival in Venice and shot a special couple photo service with the two of them dressed up with elegant Venetian costumes and masks. In order to get the best of this kind of “second honeymoon”, they  reserved their masks and costumes back last November and hired me as their photographer for a romantic  photo walk in Venice.

couple posing during a photo session in Venice
Danilo and Mariana enjoyed playing and posing with their fancy Carnival costumes during our couple photo shooting in Venice.

We started our informal photo shooting in San Tomà, a square in the Dorsoduro district, not far from Rialto bridge. We crossed several Venetian squares and bridges and squares and stopped in some romantic spots to shoot a few intense couple photo portraits, before approaching San Marco Square where the couple was warmly received by actors wearing luxurious colorful costumes, enriched by precious accessories (hats, masks, feathers and jewels).

couple posing with actors wearing Venetian Carnival costumes during informal photo walk in Venice
Along the way to San Marco Square during our couple photo walk, we met several actors dressed up with traditional Venetian costumes and we stopped for some colourful shots.

Danilo and Mariana enjoyed their informal photo walk very much as it gave them the chance to really taste the Carnival’s unique mood and indulge in jokes and plays as Carnival allows you to least once in a year!

Our photo session in Venice ended with a romantic gondola tour which allowed me to take some photographs of the elegant couple with the background of the Venetian palaces along the Canal Grande.

Russian couple in a gondola during a photo shooting in Venice
The couple treated themselves with a gondola tour and I had the chance to complete our informal photo walk with some couple shots with the background of Venetian channels.

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Russian girl poses in San Marco square during informal photo walk in Venice during Carnival
Our photo shooting ended up in San Marco square where the couple posed with actors dressed up in traditional Venetian costumes.

You might also enjoy some backstage shots of this couple photo portrait taken by my assistant Silvia Poli during the same day.

Post by Metella Iaconello

Shooting a simple yet elegant wedding: less is more the Italian Alps

couple hugging during wedding photo service in Trentino, Northern Italy
Ana and Federico chose a very simple yet elegant wedding which gave me the opportunity to shoot beautiful couple photographs

Last year I was hired by a young couple as the photographer of their wedding which was held in a small mountain village in the Trentino region in Northern Italy.

Well, the gorgeous landscape definitely played a key role for my shots of the wedding day, but this was just one of the reasons that helped me to offer Ana and Federico a nice wedding reportage.

bride getting ready during wedding reportage in the Italian Alps
The bride chose many elegant details for her outfit, hairstyle and make-up which enhanced her natural intense beauty.

The two of them chose a very intimate and simple style for this important day but many elegant details (including the bride’s dress, accessories and hairstyle, the picturesque mountain town where the banquet was held) made the whole event very beautiful and their spontaneous feelings ensured very intense and moving photographs to be shot with little effort on my side.

bride and groom listening to the priest during wedding photo reportage in Trentino
Intense feelings shined on the bride’s and groom’s faces during the wedding ceremony while elegant details decorated the church.

There were quite few participants for an Italian wedding, just a bunch of about 40 people, but sincere feelings made the relatives’ and friends’ faces glow or melt into tears, which ensured a genuine and joyful  atmosphere. An original touch was also provided by the priest who, being at the same time the bride’s brother, was sincerely moved.

bride hugging priest during wedding photo shooting in Northern Italy
The priest of this wedding was the bride’s sister which contributed to make the ceremony more intense with sincere feelings bursting out spontaneously

Therefore, even if this might sound rhetoric, I must say I was delighted to be in charge of Ana’s and Federico’s wedding reportage and enjoyed very much these simple yet perfect celebrations.

just married couple pose in a small mountain village during a photo shooting in Northern Italy
The mountain village where the wedding was celebrated provided many beautiful couple photographs with a pictoresque setting

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Post by Metella Iaconello.

“Elopement” photo service in Venice: shooting a simple, informal Greek wedding in Venice

Greek bride during wedding photo shooting in Venice
Efi and Gianni chose to get married at the Greek Consulate of Venice and this was the occasion for intense, spontaneous wedding shots

Efi and Gianni’s wedding was really special: no relative was present, no friends, no make-up artist, no hair-stylist…just the two of them, the photographer in charge of their wedding photo reportage and the office employees at the Greek Consulate in Venice.

In some way the wedding reminded me of the “elopements” that used to take place in the past when couples had to get married far away from home to avoid objections from parents. Nowadays similar weddings do take place but are more like a kind of destination weddings, with couple performing the wedding rites in another place than home just to enjoy more privacy or get the most of a romantic environment.

Greek couple walking in Venice during informal wedding photo service
The couple walked along Venetian alleys on their way to the Greek Consulate and I had the chance to shoot very intense romantic couple photographs.

Efi and Gianni just wanted an intimate, very informal wedding ceremony before attending a traditional marriage in Greece later on. The result was a very romantic and intense day both for the couple and for me, as I was chosen as their wedding photographer in this special day.

Spontaneity, simplicity and passion characterized each phase of this wedding. The preparation of the couple, for instance, took place in their hotel room without relatives or assistants, while using elegant and simple details that enhanced the atmosphere and the photographs I shot during this wedding photo service: Gianni’s bow tie, Efi’s pink dress and her make-up which was made in a make-up products store without spending a penny…

Greek couple kissing at the Greek consulate during wedding photo service in Venice
The wedding ceremony took place in the Greek consulate and the couple’s passion enhanced each shot of the wedding photo shooting.

The couple enjoyed many romantic and intense moments during the rest of the day: during an informal photo walk on their way to the Greek consulate, when they stopped to kiss and hug along the channels and on the public ferry boat; during the wedding civil ceremony when their joy and passion enlivened the cold atmosphere of an administrative office in the consulate; during the final walk in Venice when their relaxed mood allowed even more spontaneous and lively shots to be made. A simple great wedding….no match for any big fat Greek wedding!

couple hugging during wedding photo shooting in Venice
Passion and joy enlightened this simple and informal wedding ceremony and allowed very intense shots to be made during the photo service.

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Greek couple hugging during informal wedding photo service in Venice
The couple enjoyed some shots after the wedding ceremony in a very informal and passionate mood

Post by Metella Iaconello.