How to make her smile: a birthday photo session in Milan

lady walks during portrait photo service in Milan
It makes her smile and feel special….what works better than a portrait session as a birthday present?
Loving husbands are always looking for nice presents for their wives, aren’t they? Or at least they are looking for a special present when their wives’ birthday is approaching…
Lately a very loving and creative husband contacted me to arrange a portrait photo session in Milan for her wife. Indeed, he had already organized a gorgeous present for this occasion: a trip to Italy and a romantic holiday for the two of them. But he felt this was not enough.

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Honeymoon portraits in Rome..with ancient and modern Romans!

couple kiss during honeymoon photo service in Rome
A last sweet kiss to end a very romantic (and amusing) honeymoon photo session in Rome

An amazing couple had a taste of “Dolce Vita” during their honeymoon holiday in Rome. They made the most of a honeymoon photo session to discover many of the city’s attractions and get themselves portrayed with gorgeous backgrounds.

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Wedding photos with children: a love portrait … with its fruits!

children takes picture of couple kissing during wedding photo servcie in venice
Romantic wedding portraits and intense family pictures: feelings are the main ingredients of a wedding reportage with children!

A wedding photo service captures a couple’s love at its apex and is full of romantic, intense couple photographs.
Wedding photos with children, on the other hand, focus on a mature kind of love…with its fruits already there ! That is why pictures of this kind turn out to be very touching.

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The 7 top posts for photographervenice blog in 2013 are…

find it out with this infografic!



This infographic shows the most popular posts for this year..what is your favourite?
Well it i time to check our results, isn’t it? This year the photographervenice blog increased its audience with many new followers and readers.  It really feels good to see you enjoyed our articles and photographs.

Which posts were the most successful ones? Could you guess it? As you can see from this infographic the most popular posts dealt with pre-wedding photo services, couple portraits, engagement photo sessions and honeymoon photo services. All of them captured with the magic background of Venice. But there was room for other kinds of photographs as well..if you wish to know more, just click on the images or titles of the infographic.

What about you? What was your most favourite post in 2013?

Couple photographs …with a creative frame!

Russian couple holding hands during a honeymoon photo service in Rapallo
Adding a frame to a couple photograph gives the impression of looking at them from an hidden place

While portraying a couple’s physical outlook, personality and feelings for each other, couple photographs are intended to be beautiful images to look at in the years to come.

There are several techniques to get nice portraits which can meet a couple’s expectations by mirroring their distinctive traits and fixing their passion in everlasting pictures.

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Couple photo portraits….in the light of passion!

Greek couple kissing during an elopement photo service in venice
Light playing with the couple’s hair add a romantic touch to couple photographs.

The aim of couple photographs is not only to portray the subjects’ outlook and personality. They also want to be a mirror of the couple’s feelings.

In most cases, couples hiring a photographer for engagement, wedding or honeymoon services are enjoying a magic mood: they look like as if they were ‘filled’ with love and happiness. Couple portraits might catch this mood and make it ‘eternal’ with images that will work as souvenirs of sweet moments. Continue reading “Couple photo portraits….in the light of passion!”