Silhouette photographs for couple portraits: shooting the shapes of love

Russian couple kissing under an arcade during an engagement photo shooting in Venice
I shot this silhouette photograph during an engagement photo service in Venice with a young Russian couple.

When I am hired to shoot couple portraits during engagement, wedding or honeymoon photo services, I often use the silhouette technique. By calibrating shadows and lights one can get photographs focused on the bodies’ edges, leaving aside the color of the hair, the facial expressions, the details of the outfit and, in some cases, even the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Continue reading “Silhouette photographs for couple portraits: shooting the shapes of love”

Venetian bridges: the “top” ones

couple standing on Ponte degli Scalzi during a honymoon photo shooting in Venice
The Barefoot Bridge (Ponte degli Scalzi) is the first bridge you meet when reaching Venice by train. It offers a great view on the Canal Grande.

As a matter of fact Venice is made up of islands and bridges: about 435 bridges link 121 islands.

The first bridge you meet while approaching Venice is the so called “Ponte della libertà (Freedome Bridge)” linking Venice to the mainland and the city of Mestre.  It hosts the railway lines and a motorway. Continue reading “Venetian bridges: the “top” ones”

A romantic photo walk with a married couple: Love is not Time’s fool

Russian couple kissing on a bridge during a photo shooting in Venice
This 5-year-long Russian couple treated themselves with a photo walk in Venice and I had the chance to shoot very romantic photographs.

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments

Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds,

Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an

ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken”

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Wells in Venetian squares: nice ‘accessories’ for photo shootings

couple sitting on a well in Venice during steampunk photo reportage
This couple hired me for shooting a steampunk story in Venice and they had a photo portrait shot with a well on the background.


There are at least 600 wells in Venice: most of them can be seen in the middle of the squares while others are inside courtyards or gardens. The former were mostly public wells (even if they were often built thanks to the ‘sponsorship’ of rich families), the latter were private ones.


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