Honeymoon photos: staging a love play in Venice

Russian couple hugging in photo walk in Venice
The passionate and energetic attitude of this Russian couple allowed me to take some intense couple portraits and arose the passers-by’s  attention

Svetlana and Konstantin  treated themselves with a honeymoon trip and a photo walk in Venice. Since we first met at their top-class hotel Locanda Vivaldi near San Marco Square, I enjoyed their passionate and energetic attitude : they were shining with happiness and love for each other and ready to see the funny side of life.

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Couple photographs …with a creative frame!

Russian couple holding hands during a honeymoon photo service in Rapallo
Adding a frame to a couple photograph gives the impression of looking at them from an hidden place

While portraying a couple’s physical outlook, personality and feelings for each other, couple photographs are intended to be beautiful images to look at in the years to come.

There are several techniques to get nice portraits which can meet a couple’s expectations by mirroring their distinctive traits and fixing their passion in everlasting pictures.

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Couple photographs for scholars: love to the second power!

couple kissing at Sunrise
couple kissing at Sunrise

As a wedding, engagement, and honeymoon photographer I meet different kinds of couples. When I met two young scholars for a photo walk in Venice I immediately had a the impression of refined, peaceful and intelligent persons making up a passionate and solid couple: their feelings looked as deep as their knowledge.

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Couple photo services: 3 ways to wear a bridal gown..not on your wedding!

T Playing with the bridal dress

Working as a wedding photographer I often come across gorgeous bridal gowns: being them simple or elegant, tailor-made in famous boutiques or inherited by mothers, they are in any case precious garments. Intense feelings and sweet memories are attached to the wedding dress: recollections of the wedding and the times the bride was waiting for it.

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Honeymoon photographs in Venice: playing with shadows

Venice offer many interesting scenrios for images.
Venice offer many interesting scenrios for images.

Beautiful Anastasia and her “brand-new” husband came to Venice for a short vacation and hired me as honeymoon photographer. We began the photo walk  in the afternoon and headed to some of the many  romantic spots of the city to make some intense couple photo portraits.

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Silhouette photographs for couple portraits: shooting the shapes of love

Russian couple kissing under an arcade during an engagement photo shooting in Venice
I shot this silhouette photograph during an engagement photo service in Venice with a young Russian couple.

When I am hired to shoot couple portraits during engagement, wedding or honeymoon photo services, I often use the silhouette technique. By calibrating shadows and lights one can get photographs focused on the bodies’ edges, leaving aside the color of the hair, the facial expressions, the details of the outfit and, in some cases, even the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Continue reading “Silhouette photographs for couple portraits: shooting the shapes of love”

Venetian bridges: the “top” ones

couple standing on Ponte degli Scalzi during a honymoon photo shooting in Venice
The Barefoot Bridge (Ponte degli Scalzi) is the first bridge you meet when reaching Venice by train. It offers a great view on the Canal Grande.

As a matter of fact Venice is made up of islands and bridges: about 435 bridges link 121 islands.

The first bridge you meet while approaching Venice is the so called “Ponte della libertà (Freedome Bridge)” linking Venice to the mainland and the city of Mestre.  It hosts the railway lines and a motorway. Continue reading “Venetian bridges: the “top” ones”