3 reasons to visit Venice in winter and get your romantic portrait

couple hug during couple photo session in Venice
Couples visiting Venice in winter might make the most of the winter light and almost desert surroundings for intense romantic couple portraits

Venice is gorgeous in spring when mild weather and the awakening nature makes every corner of the city smile at you, contributing to get excellent couple portraits and wedding photos. Venice is marvelous in summer when you can enjoy many hours of light and sun, have your meals served outdoor, and even relax and swim at Lido beach.

Nevertheless, Venice features a secret beauty in winter too, which is almost unknown by most tourists but well appreciated by all those who visited the city in this season. Here are a few reasons you should definitely enjoy Venice’s winter charm:

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Engagement photos at sunrise in Venice: capturing the dawn of a marriage

couple hugging during engagement photo session in Venice dawn
A young couple from Brasil did an engagement photo session at sunrise: the chance to capture the dawn of their life together!

Some couples like to have beautiful images of their wedding proposal.

They find this moment is something exceptional, worth to be remembered in the years to come and captured in high-quality photographs. That’s why they like to book a professional surprise engagement photographer’s services: his images will always remind them of the excited amazement and bursting joy that filled their hearts at that time.

Other couples prefer a more intimate, private atmosphere for the proposal but they still want to keep great memories of such a key step in a couple’s life. That’s why they arrange an engagement photo service the day after the proposal, appointing a photographer the task to capture their more relaxed but still shining happiness.

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A (photo) tale of two cities…and one love (and beautiful photographs)

couple hugging in Florence during engagement photo session
This couple had both Florence and Venice as background for their love story in two special moments

As young and in-love Josh planned a trip to Italy with his girlfriend, he decided to make the most of the enchanting settings they would visit to turn the trip into a romantic play with a happy ending.  He kept his decision for himself and properly organized a breath-taking surprise.

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E-session in the winter light of Venice: freezing a crucial time

Winter light is a great ally for romantic couple photographs in Venice

“The winter light in this city! […] As long as this city exists, as long as winter light shines upon it, Kodak shares are the best investment” J. Brodsky

Venice has a unique beauty in winter, which Joseph Brodsky described in poetic terms:

“The sky is brisk blue, the sun, escaping its golden likeness beneath the foot of San Giorgio, sashays over the […] lagoon’s lapping ripples; […] under the colonnades of the Palazzo Ducale, [someone is playing] just for you, slumped in your white chair and squinting at the pigeons’ maddening gambits on the chessboard of a vast piazza. The espresso at your cup’s bottom is the only small black dot in, you feel, a miles-long radius.”

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