4 reasons to have your engagement proposal in Venice

would-be husband proposes during surprise engagement photo session in venice
Unique backgrounds and intense romanticism: these are the additives Venice offers to your proposal…a special mix for success!

If you have already decided to propose to your sweetheart, you just need to find the ideal place.

Of course you can choose a place that is closely related to your love story, making the most of the sweet memories you attached to it. On the other hand, you might go for a special place, one you are not so familiar with. You might prefer a stunning destination, to enhance the surprise effect for your future wife and make her enthralled by the whole situation.

As a professional engagement proposal photographer I experienced plenty of times that Venice works wonders to this purpose. Why?

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How to make her smile: a birthday photo session in Milan

lady walks during portrait photo service in Milan
It makes her smile and feel special….what works better than a portrait session as a birthday present?
Loving husbands are always looking for nice presents for their wives, aren’t they? Or at least they are looking for a special present when their wives’ birthday is approaching…
Lately a very loving and creative husband contacted me to arrange a portrait photo session in Milan for her wife. Indeed, he had already organized a gorgeous present for this occasion: a trip to Italy and a romantic holiday for the two of them. But he felt this was not enough.

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Burano: A wedding party on a boat

couple kissing in Burano during wedding reportage venice
Color was one of the main ingredients of a very successful wedding recipe…and very beautiful wedding photos!

Weddings are usually very exciting for brides and the grooms. They are living an unforgettable day and experiencing very intense feelings and a wedding reportage  is meant to capture this special moment of passionate happiness.
The same is not always true for the guests. Due to the wedding schedule or different levels of intimacy with the couple, guests might not enjoy the day to the full.
This was definitely not the case of Matteo’s and Olya’s wedding as they managed to make the day unforgettable and enjoyable for all the guests

As it well shown in their wedding photography, their wedding was very creative, amusing and masterly combined beauty and fun for everyone.

How did they manage that?
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Honeymoon portraits in Rome..with ancient and modern Romans!

couple kiss during honeymoon photo service in Rome
A last sweet kiss to end a very romantic (and amusing) honeymoon photo session in Rome

An amazing couple had a taste of “Dolce Vita” during their honeymoon holiday in Rome. They made the most of a honeymoon photo session to discover many of the city’s attractions and get themselves portrayed with gorgeous backgrounds.

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From Venice with mum: family photo portraits

mum and daughter during family photo portrait in venice
Spending a few days in Venice cannot but strengthen a mother-and daughter relationship while ensuring great memories.

People travel to Venice for many reasons. Couples in love arrive in the city to celebrate their wedding, spend their honeymoon holidays or just to look for a very romantic background for their love story.

Friends and single tourists travel to Venice to discover a unique environment, visit museums and monuments, admiring the beauty of ancient palaces and narrow alleys, enjoy the winter light or the sunset on the lagoon. Families spend some time in Venice to offer their kids a kind of adventurous holiday in unusual surroundings.

daugther and mother hug during family photo session in Venice
Free time with her dearest one in a gorgeous city and high-quality picture to remember it…what else for a perfect present for a special mum?

Beside, an increasing number of grown-ups is visiting (or coming back to) Venice with a dear parent. A son and his mother plan to spend a few days there to enjoy a trip together. A daughter is surprising her mother with a short holiday in Venice, making her long-time dream come true. These days will be cherished for long time thereafter.

This is why some of these “couples” are choosing to treat themselves with a family photo service in Venice: they want to keep souvenir of this special time together using high-quality pictures by a professional photographer. This is a nice chance to enjoy a careless walk in the city and have themselves portrayed with extraordinary background.

mother and daughter walk during family portrait service in venice
Discovering Venice’s most hidden beauty and getting portrayed in nice family portraits…

The photographs taken in such occasions well portray their feelings: surprise for the city’s beauty, excitement to discover its many attractions, happiness to share such experience with a dear one, perfect mutual understanding and complicity, pride for having such a special person next to you, and so on…

In short, family photos are not completely different from couple portraits since they also capture love. Not a romantic kind of love but a more serene one, deeply rooted in blood and DNA and strengthened by long-time care and affection.

Indeed the feeling that family pictures capture at their best is gratefulness: the gratefulness grown-up daughters and sons feel for all the efforts their parents made for them; the parents’ gratefulness to receive the best present ever: precious time spent with their most dear ones surrounded by beauty. And the pictures themselves, working as an added present, well embody this “Thank you” voice coming from their hearts.

Have a look at further examples of my family photos or contact me for your own portrait in Venice.

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Pre-wedding photos in Venice: with or without bridal gown?

couple kissing during pre-wedding photo service in Venice
A passionate kiss for a couple living a special chapter of their love story.

Lately two couples hired me for a prewedding photo service in Venice. Each couple had something different in mind and that’s why
the couple portaits I made do not look the same at all.

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Surprise engagement proposal in venice: the peak of a very romantic lovestory

couple hugging during surprise engagement photo service in Venice
A view at the lagoon and down on his knees: this made Mason’s girlfriend cry from the first second on!

Most of the couples that get engaged in Venice have great love stories behind and before them.

Emily’s and Mason’s story is among the most charming ones I had the chance to hear. They met in their middle school times and started dating during their high school years.
When the day of their 10th anniversary was approaching, Mason prepared a gorgeous surprise for his beloved. He gave her a framed map of the world and pins to put on the places they would visit together with the promise to add their first pin very soon.

couple on watertaxi during surprise engagement photo session in Venice
On the very same day the couple treated themselves with  a water taxi drive to San Giorgio Island.

A few days later he asked her to pack her bags without revealing their destination. When she discovered they were heading to Venice she was overjoyed! They soon experienced  the city’s beauty and romantic atmosphere.

gentleman delivers his proposal during surprise engagement photo service
The gorgeous view on the lagoon was Mason’s ally for a very romantic surprise wedding proposal

On October 17, Mason offered her sweetheart a water taxi tour which had them land on the marvellous San Giorgio Island. There, with the enchanting background of the lagoon and San Marco Square, he delivered his wedding proposal. He took her hand, whispered sweet swords and Emily started to cry even before he fell down on his knees and asked her to marry him. They soon forgot the words they said at that time but will keep great souvenirs of the moment.

couple walk during engagement photo walk in Venice
After the proposal, the couple carelessly walked along the lagoon enjoying the mild Sun of October Italian days and their hearts’ excitement

Indeed, to make his proposal unforgettable, Mason had hired a professional proposal photographer. The passionate couple portraits of their engagement photo service capture their intense feelings, overjoyed excitement and confidence in the future for years to come.

couple kissing during wedding proposal photo service
As sunset time the couple’s love was shining at its peak!

After the proposal they enjoyed a walk along the lagoon, almost ‘enlightened’ by their happiness and the Italian October’s Sun. The photographer made the most of the walk  to portray with his pictures  their love at its peak while they went on kissing, hugging, looking at the ring and at their bright future together.

A lovely story which is still going on and will keep further sweet surprises for this passionate couple.

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