Run bride Run: a special pre-wedding photo session

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couple running during pre-wedding photo session in Venice
This  couple enjoyed a special “sport-friendly” pre-wedding photo session in Venice

These lovely soon to be married sportsperson  had two  goals for their trip: having a romantic pre-wedding photo session in Venice and taking part in the World orienteering Championships.

Asian couple kissing during pre-wedding photo service in Venice
During the photo session, they stopped several times to hug and kiss in less-known spots of Venice

The session was scheduled at sunset time on their arrival day so that they could take part in the race the following day.

Unfortunately their flight was on delay.
We began the photo session at their hotel with the couple being photographed while getting dressed: they wore their wedding gowns and accessories, helped each other with the preparation and looked marvelous in their elegant outfits.
The extraordinary chance to taste in advance some of the delightful feelings of their wedding made them especially excited and happy.

couple kissing ona  bridge during pre-wedding photo service in Venice
Excitement and passion helped creating several romantic  photographs with romantic backgrounds.


Their excitement and passion never left them alone during the photo walk along the streets, channels and bridges of Venice and the result are several romantic couple photographs with the beautiful background of less-known spots in Venice.

couple holding hands in front of lagoon during pre-wedding photo session in Venice
While being photographed, the couple enjoyed the careless walk, the sunny weather and the view of the lagoon

And just as they were carelessly walking they met several International Orienteering Championships’s participants and stops with proper equipment.

couple standing next to Orienteering equipment during pre-wedding photo session in venice
The couple was overjoyed to find out the equipment for the Orienteering Championships in Venice

This, needless to say, delighted them and they even pretended to be taking part in the race, stopping at the planned points and running up to the finish line with their wedding garments..which gave the chance for some more funny memories matching they passion for sport.

asian couple running during pre-wedding photo session
The couple ran with their wedding outfits up to the finish line…and won !

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Author: Metella Iaconello

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